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‘Why You Put Them Knees Through This’: Ginuwine Caused Quite a Scare After Falling Offstage In Viral Video, Nearly Pulling a Sign Language Interpreter Down with Him

Ginuwine is living proof that regardless of unforeseen circumstances, the show must go on. 

The R&B singer recently became a trending topic after a clip of him falling offstage went viral on social media. Ginuwine was among the many artists who took center stage at the Lovers and Friends festival on Saturday, May 6, but his tumble is all folks are still talking about. 

Ginuwine’s fall sparks various reactions from fans (Pictured: @ginuwine/Instagram)

During his set on May 6, the 52-year-old began belting his 2003 hit song, “In Those Jeans.” As his chorus played, he jumped off the stage and onto a smaller podium where a sign language interpreter was standing.

However, his balance betrayed him, for Ginuwine fell into the tiny opening between the raised surface and the lower platform. He tried to maintain his poise by grabbing onto the ASL instructor – who almost fell down himself – the artist ultimately ended up on the ground.

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But that did not stop him from entertaining his boisterous crowd. After his tumble, Ginuwine hopped back on his feet and walked up to a group, as he began interacting with the crowd – seemingly proving that he was not brutally injured from the fall.  

Once the video was obtained by The Shade Room’s Instagram page, it wasn’t long before dozens of individuals shared their comical reactions. 

“He knew what knees he brought with him, why did he even try.”

“Cause why y’all be jumping off stuff anyway?”

“All them dances catching up to him.”

“Step down next time. Idk why you put them knees through this.”

A day after his performance, Ginuwine participated in the jokes about him during an Instagram video.

“Shoutout to everybody at umm Lovers and Friends. That was a crazy, crazy show we had so much fun. Umm aside from my little spill,” he laughed along with two other male voices in the background.

Ginuwine and those riding with him in the car then began chanting, “Man down! Man down.” He added, “And then man got up!” before singing lyrics from “We Fall Down,” by Gospel artist Donnie McClurkin. 

“I buss my a– I am constantly laughing with the funnies,” Ginuwine wrote as his caption. “But we right back at it ATL stand up next year im windmillin so don’t mis it lolololol I got it prepared already but yeah I’m good about to do what I do one mo gin.” 

Several fans are laughing this time, but they were not a few months ago after urging the “Pony” vocalist to dial back his entertainment antics. During an inept magic trick with a professional illusionist, Ginuwine passed out on stage.

According to the Daily Mail, the ‘90s crooner lost consciousness while rehearsing his underwater stunt for the television show, “Criss Angel’s Magic With the Stars.”

After receiving immense worry from fans, Ginuwine informed the public that he was okay, and even claimed that the situation happened “a month ago.”

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