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3 White Men Chase a Black Man Who Is Later Found Dead with Gunshot Wounds Next to a Dumpster; Judge Raises Questions About Hate Crime Charges, ‘Didn’t See Any’ Other ‘Reason for It’

Three white men were arrested in connection with the shooting death last week of a 39-year-old Black man in Jacksonville, Florida. The victim’s name has not yet been released, according to First Coast News.

Ryan Nichols, 19, 18-year-old Daniel DeGuardia, and 21-year-old Holden Dodson were arrested after the victim was found dead behind a garbage dumpster on the 500 block of Ashley Street. The man was found dead from apparent gunshot wounds at 6:45 a.m. on May 2, and surveillance video footage captured the men chasing the victim on foot and in a vehicle.

Ryan Nichols Daniel DeGuardia Holden Dodson
(From left) Ryan Nichols, Daniel DeGuardia, and Holden Dodson were arrested in connection with the shooting death of a man in Jacksonville, Florida. (Photo: First Coast News /YouTube screenshot)

The security footage later obtained by the police showed a Jeep Grand Cherokee carrying Nichols, DeGuardia and Dodson park near 100 North Julia Street before the men got out of the vehicle at approximately 2:25 a.m.

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At approximately 2:45 a.m., the footage captured one of the men chasing the victim past the Jeep. The three men got back into the Jeep a few moments later and drove away.

Subsequent footage captured the men driving down streets nearby, seemingly looking for the victim, who is seen at approximately 2:50 a.m. on Clay Street and running north from the Jeep. One of the men got out and chased the man, who is later seen trying to hide behind the garbage dumpster.

The police report is redacted and did not indicate the shooting. Dodson later reported his 9mm Glock missing.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office found several 9mm gun shell casings at the scene of the crime along with a loaded extended magazine, which was found next to the victim. They also found evidence that the garbage dumpster had been hit by a vehicle.

Additional video from a 7-Eleven on Julia Street caught the Jeep’s license plate, which had the words “9/11/2001 we will never forget” and an American flag. The Jeep reportedly belongs to DeGuardia’s mother. After Nichols and Dodson were identified, arrest warrants were issued, and they were arrested.

Nichols was charged with second-degree murder, while DeGuardia and Dodson were charged as accessories after the fact. Nichols was also charged with altering physical evidence records.

Circuit Court Judge Kim Sadler told two of the defendants, DeGuardia and Dodson, that their charges could be upgraded to hate crimes when they appeared in court on Thursday. It’s unclear why the judge did not say the same for Nichols.

DeGuardia’s bail was set at more than $500,000, and Dodson’s was set at just over $200,000. The judge did not grant Nichols bond. Sadler told the news outlet that the state would decide if hate crime charges would be brought.

“I’m not the state, it’s up to them, of course, what charges they bring,” said Sadler. “But it was just a bunch of white guys chasing a Black guy, and I didn’t see any reason for it.”

Sheriff’s Office public information officer Christian Hancock told the outlet that “no information at this time” pointed to the victim’s death being a hate crime. However, state statutes state that crimes committed motivated by “race, color, ancestry, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, homeless status or advanced age of the victim” are hate crimes and therefore subject to harsher penalties.

The investigation is still active, but an authority “with direct knowledge” of the case told the outlet that there is no evidence that a hate crime was committed.

The defendants’ next court date is on May 25.

What people are saying

37 thoughts on “3 White Men Chase a Black Man Who Is Later Found Dead with Gunshot Wounds Next to a Dumpster; Judge Raises Questions About Hate Crime Charges, ‘Didn’t See Any’ Other ‘Reason for It’

  1. Knowthyworth says:

    What other reason would it be besides hatred. As we already know that the criminal justice system was designed in favor of Caucasian people. Hopefully this man have family that will push the issue. Second degree murder isn’t enough, it was premeditated, because all three of them were chasing him. Like I said, make it make sense and charge all of them the same like you do the black people. Stop being bias and do your jobs.

  2. BRENDA McDANIEL says:

    Yes, I feel that this is a hate crime and it should be charged as such.

  3. Francis George says:

    Who said there’s no evident? Can you see without been told is a hate Crime domi.

  4. Francis George says:

    Can’t you see after reading the statement without been told that this is hate crime then you most be very very serious racist yourself domi.

  5. Marvin Jordan says:

    Bias ass judge, he’s white. Coward ass punks.

  6. Joseph Fields says:

    Mark my words those three white guys will get off of this because they are white because there is two different laws one for black people and the other is for white people now if that was three black guys did the killing they would receive the death penalty no question ask

  7. Joseph Fields i agree there are two different laws one for whites and one for blacks if that had been 3 black males they all would have recieved life or the death penalty

  8. J Johnson says:

    They better hope they get the death penalty, they will last years on death row, but if they go into general population in prison 3 young white guys will short miserable stay.h

  9. L D Jackson says:

    This is definitely a hate crime. No doubt about it. If the aggressors had been black the judge would be saying something totally different. He needs to check his robe. He’s showing his “white racism.” He doesn’t need to be sitting as a judge on a bench anywhere in this world.

  10. I would like to know if anyone knows when the hate and gun violence will end in this country? It’s getting so bad because people see the news and become afraid so they buy guns and the cycle continues, bad just bad.

  11. Mental healing says:

    It’s the messed up judges that make crime it’s the victims that live it and when I say they make crime ..I mean they allow for harh evil people to be set free and the simple or weak get hard time …I wonder if a Supreme Court would even let this judge or state continue on with the hate in their hearts and minds because it has to be just that …they’re on the same accord with the 3 killers who wouldn’t survive prison with a charge like that so let’s see what the sentences will be from such people who uphold the wrong stuff…meaning the state and judge…and to end this ..we the people don’t deal with law because it’s all a lie to control what they don’t know ….us ….the people.

  12. Healing says:

    This is what happens when everyone 18 years and older can have a gun without registering for a permit. Or having a background check in Florida. They will pay for the crime they’ve committed. I’m praying for the murder victim family.

  13. Michael says:

    What other evidence is need, to proceed as a hate crime. Wow just 3 white guys chasing a black guy.. straight from judge mouth..

  14. No such thing as P/C in the joint. Especially Raiford. Fresh fish.

  15. Jenese says:

    Cowards. They always do things in a group. They don’t have the nerve to fight someone, one on one!

  16. Robert ogbole Patrick says:

    Blue eyes crying in the rain

  17. Wilbert says:

    Unless the police can come up with some other motive other than a hate crime, than it’s a hate crime.

  18. Daphne Johnson says:

    Republican, White House, Police, Doctors, Judges etc…… All in Bill Gates circle. Make America Great again. Meaning Slavery. To kill off as many as possible. At least 3.5 million of our kid’s, our people. Yes it’s a Hate Crime. It’s part of white law. It’s bad enough we as Black people doing it on f…..up reason’s. I would never understand. We have a greater war of all time’s. STOP!!! Killing my people, kid’s, brother, sister,etc……. It’s called operation push BACK!!!! Stop the racism.

  19. Dwayne says:

    It’s a shame that some people still have this kind of hatred in their hearts, unfortunately racism will always dwell in the hearts of some people who feel like they’re privileged because of their skin color It’s a shame.

  20. Jamie Adams says:

    People that do this really think they are right because this is their world other people just live in it . Things people think they get away doing they have their time for awhile. But we all have to pay for the things we do that’s not right . What ever a man sows he will also reap . Jesus see everything the good and the bad !!

  21. Dave Bolton says:

    Federal stats say that there are 13% blacks and 70% whites making the u.s. population. Out of that it says that of the people that are murdered each year 56% are done by blacks and 42% done by whites. Which dosnt seem like all that much of a difference until you take into consideration that the 13% are making the most murders. Let’s put that into a mathematical perspective.
    I’m pretty sure that would figure out to be around 8 deaths by the whites opposed to 56 by the blacks so I don’t know but it doesn’t really matter what race is shooting what other race it looks like the blacks are way more apt to murder someone than the whites. So when you blacks want to call racism all the time it boils down to look at the statistics.

  22. Ted says:

    Oh stfu with this. If roles were reversed it’s be just another day in black privileged America.

  23. Eva Griffin says:

    When stats are given, it must be in perspective. Each group has about the same stats. White, Black, Asian are statistically close when it comes to race killings. Still chasing someone and killing them is hate all day long! Skewed info nets misinformation. Check national statistics.

  24. My condolences to the man’s family and friends. ❤️ All 3 chased him down , if the article is correct. All 3 should be charged with murder. A man has died because of them. SAD 😢

  25. If you have never seen the devil, there he is disguised with blue eyes and Caucasian skin. This is a hate crime with young men using a back man for target practice. Yes they will not be charged or get off with a lighter sentence.

  26. Yes…absolutely a hate crime…The facts are there.3 white men chasing down one black man.
    .America how many times will this be allowed and go virtually unpunished…We are living in a poor racist society whereas young black brothers are getting murdered or put in a penal system when the white man is going totally free for crimes committed…its just sad

  27. Michael Miner says:

    Not sure why you are condeming the judge, as this is a preliminary hearing based on the initial charges brought forth by the prosecutors office. Once the prosecutors office has a chance to review everything that has been presented to them, hate crime will more than likely be put forth. At this early stage in the process, it is nonsensical to blame a judge whom only hears the case that is simply put before them

  28. Rachel says:

    This is definitely a Hate Crime, no matter how you chalk it up and try to twist the truth. It was stated that in the video, the 3 white men chased the black man down in their car and one of the white men got out of the vehicle and pursued chasing the black man on foot. The black man hid near a trash can, and it also stated that you could see skid marks near the trash can from the white men’s vehicle…If the situation was reversed and it were black men chasing a white man and killed him, it would automatically be a Hate Crime, first degree murder for all three with no bail…We as black people can see with the natural eye. We no longer can be fooled by your malicious judicial intentions…

  29. Lashaun Daughtry says:

    As an attorney, there is no proof whatsoever that this is a hate crime. At this point, no o e knows why this happened. While horrible, it’s ignorant to classify this as a hate crime when nobody knows any of the facts.

  30. Jim says:

    During my line of work if we n
    A car and one committ murder
    And we pull off together we all
    Get charged with murder
    Not bcuZ I didn’t pull the trigger

  31. Tunie says:

    The problem is the judge should not even be discussing or speculating about this. The investigation cannot be over. @Lashaun D you and the judge are guilty of what you are insinuating the other commenters are doing. The issue is the judge is out of line. Moreover, she suggests 2 out of the 3 are possibly guilty of a hate crime. That simply doesn’t make sense.

  32. Tunie says:

    @ Eva Griffin You are trolling. Link to your source.

  33. Val says:

    Are you people illiterate? The judge says more or less… her belief is that it is a hate crime! Where do you get this BS y’all spewing? Black people kill white people, and I personally have never seen a black person charged with a hate crime!
    Oh.. I forget.. only white fkn people are racist smfh!

  34. Tracy Brooks says:

    Val is selective in his news , or what he chooses to see nearly 22% of all hate crime defendants are black as compared to 53% white defendants.
    So it is highly unlikely or a flat out lie that you have never come across a story of a black person being charged with a hate crime.
    But yes sir a very large segment of white America is inherently racist and believes that it is their right to instil white justice on those you hate!
    I shoot back though please come for me!

  35. Raymond says:

    Whites always talking about there trying to do better on race issues, so this is your opportunity to really start to make a Big difference in the Spotlight.

  36. Pat says:

    You are clueless you know nothing of what happened ! Right away you all yell race that had nothing to do by with it at all! Maybe you should find the facts before you all prejudge what you claim to be against. This is a tragedy that people are trying to turn racial! Even the police report stated it was not a hate crime. Stop the lies and wait for the truth

  37. heather says:

    Was Judge Sadler looking at these 3 men as if they were her sons?

    “I’m not the state, it’s up to them, of course, what charges they bring, but it was just a bunch of white guys chasing a Black guy, & I didn’t see any reason for it.”

    How couldn’t she “see any reason” for it being a hate crime? These guys literally stalked, chased down & killed their “prey,” a Black man who did absolutely nothing to them.

    You watch … DeSatanist will give them medals for this. He’s already promoting Daniel Penny, the subway Marine who killed Jordan Neely with a chokehold. UGH!!

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