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‘Uncle Bernie Was a Real One’: Bernie Mac Trends on Twitter After Michael Colyar Reflects on Their Time on ‘Def Comedy Jam’

Bernie Mac became a trending topic on social media after fellow comedian Michael Colyar gave the late comedian his flowers during an episode of “The 85 South Comedy Show.”

Colyar praised Mac — who tragically passed away from complications of sarcoidosis in 2008 — for being a genuine Black man and helping him get his start in comedy.

Michael Coylar Bernie Mac
Michael Coylar (L) praises Bernie Mac (R) for helping him get on Def Comedy Jam. (Photo: The 85 South Comedy Show screenshot / YouTube / @berniemacofficial / Instagram)

“Let me tell you something about Bernie Mac,” he said in a short clip. “Bernie Mac was a Black man. See, Black men are rare. N—as? N—as everywhere. You can open the glove compartment in yo’ car, and four n—as fall out.

He continued, “But Black men have integrity for their community, for their family, for their queen, for their God. Rare, indeed.”

Colyar went on to say that Mac didn’t go out with his fellow comedians after a performance. Instead, he would grab some food and call his wife.

“Bernie Mac he didn’t go out with us, man. When we got through working, he went back to the room and he got him some soul food and got him some red beans and rice and laid up on the phone with his wife.”

The 66-year-old also credited the “Kings of Comedy” star for introducing him to “Def Comedy Jam.”

“He was a Black man doing his s—t,” Colyar continued. “And he got me on to Def Jam. I didn’t know that Def Jam was coming and he made them put me on the show. I was still on Venice. I went up there and killed that motherf—er, man. … I’m talkin’ ’88.”

Russell Simmons launched the popular stand-up show “Def Comedy Jam,” with Martin Lawrence as host. The groundbreaking comedy series aired from 1992 to 2008 and highlighted some of the best comics in the industry, including Bernie, Steve Harvey, D.L. Hughley, Dave Chappelle, Tiffany Haddish, and many more.

Mac is the stand-up who introduced Colyar to the comedy show before it became a grand tour in 1992. Colyar went on to perform on “Def Comedy Jam” for six seasons and hosted the show for one season.

“Bernie was always just a down brother. He wouldn’t step on nobody, which I can’t say for a lot of motherf—ers,” said Colyar. “He wouldn’t step on you to get somethin’… five dollars more or more airtime. He ain’t doin’ that s—t, man. No, he was a real comedian and he was a real man.”

Fans commented on the video after it circulated on social media. One fan replied, “Always knew my uncle Bernie was a real one.”

“This is dope to hear about Bernie Mac,” added another. “This warmed my heart this morning,” echoed one. “

A Bernie Mac biopic is currently in the works with the permission of Mac’s estate. Get Lifted— Grammy Award-winning artist John Legend’s production company — will produce the film, and his daughter, Je’Niece, has a few ideas on who should play her father.

In 2021, Je’Niece told TMZ that she prefers actor Aldis Hodge or YouTube star Mark Phillips to play her father in the film. No official date for the biopic has been released.

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