‘These Are Not 3 Kevin Harts??’: A Resurfaced Photo of Kevin Hart with Family Has Fans Distracted By Their Resemblance

Kevin Hart fans are seeing triple after a photo of the comedian with his mother and brother began making rounds on the internet this week. 

On May 3, a throwback image of the Philadelphia native standing next to his older brother, Robert, and behind his late mother, Nancy, was shared by a Twitter user, @sheyman_sznn.

Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart’s resurfaced photo with his family goes viral. (Photo: @kevinhart4real/Instagram.)

It is unclear what year the photo was taken, though Hart appeared to be relatively young.

In the picture, the “Jumanji” actor is wearing a slight smile while Nancy is beaming broadly. As for Robert, he maintained a straight face. Though they all had different facial features, the Twitter post focused on how uncanny their resemblance was.   

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“Kevin hart could play his entire family if he did a movie about his life,” the stan account wrote. 

It wasn’t long before the resurfaced photo received massive notice from fans online, who were taken aback by how much they all looked alike. 

“Sorry who’s Kevin Hart here again??”

Where’s Kevin Hart in the pic though?”

“the resemblance is crazy ngl”

These are not 3 Kevin harts??”

Two years ago, fans swarmed the 43-year-old’s comment section after he shouted out Robert in a birthday post. The duo can be seen wearing plaid outfits as Hart wrapped his arm around his brother. While his appreciation message was touching, the only thing fans noticed was how much the two men favored each other. 

Hart and Robert seem to have a pretty close relationship, as did Hart and his mother. In 2007, Nancy passed away from ovarian cancer just as her son started to make a name for himself in comedy. 

Although it’s been over 15 years since her passing, Hart never misses a chance to revel in stories about his mother. 

Back in November, the “Fatherhood” actor starred in an episode of the “Million Dollaz Worth of Game” podcast, where he shared a story about him and his mom getting robbed at gunpoint while leaving a laundromat. 

According to Hart, a man came over to him and his mother, demanding Nancy hand over her fanny pack. “My mom was like, ‘No,’” Hart said. 

After a brief back-and-forth, the robber snatched his mother’s fanny pack and threw it back at her after realizing there was nothing in it. 

In addition to losing his mother, Hart lost his father, Henry Witherspoon, when he passed away last October. Though they had a rocky relationship in the past, the two men were able to mend their bond before the older man transitioned.

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