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‘This Just Melted My Heart’: Angela Simmons Says Her Son’s Late Father Left Him a Clothing Company and the Boy Is Now a 6-Year-Old CEO

Angela Simmons is announcing she just helped her son become one of the youngest CEOs in the country after the 6-year-old inherited his late father’s business. Sutton Tennyson was shot and killed outside of his Atlanta home in 2018.

Since then, Simmons has learned to pick up the pieces as a single mom with help from her tribe of friends and family.

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Angela Simmons and her son Sutton Joseph Tennyson. (Photo: @angelasimmons/Instagram)

On April 20, the 35-year-old entrepreneur took to Instagram to share a video about the gift she claims her son, Sutton Joseph Tennyson, inherited from his dad, her ex-fiancé.

“My baby is a young CEO,” she announced in her caption. “His father was sure to leave him behind something he can grow with. My son loves making money (hustling). It’s in his blood. It’s time to finally give him what’s his! Your son gets the torch now. Though you are not here with us your legacy lives on [red heart emoji] Go time baby boy [rocket emoji] @wearelittlegiants.”

Little Giants | Giant Shorties is a unisex clothing store based out of Los Angeles. There are also locations in downtown Brooklyn, New York. The video footage shows Simmons and her only child meeting up at the store with Tennyson’s partner to sign a contract.

“How do you feel that your dad left you this legacy of a company?” she asked her son, in which he replied, “It feels super great,” in excitement.

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Fans can get a glimpse of the family-friendly kids’ clothing brand in the video, which also featured an image of Tennyson.

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The post has over 116,000 likes and 2,300 comments from celebs and fans alike who applauded Simmons’ parenting style and the sentimental legacy gift he was left by his father.

“This is Amazing & the perfect person to guide him made me miss pastry’s”

“This just melted my heart. Shoutout to you for your strength through all of it.”

“It’s the kid friendly contract for me!!!!”

About the company, one person said, “I’ve been a strong supporter of this company for the last five years. My son has almost every shirt and had almost every onesie that was in stock. I love all the designs. I just wish they had more sizes available and restocked quicker.”

It’s been nearly a year since Michael Williams received a life sentence for Tennyson’s death last April. Tennyson was shot and killed on Nov. 3, 2018, after an argument between the two at Tennyson’s Atlanta home.

Williams turned himself in a week later and was ultimately charged with murder, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and possession of a firearm by a felon. At the time, police said the suspect fired several shots at Tennyson before he “sped from the scene in a car.”

According to the Atlanta Police Department, as previously reported, Simmons’ former partner suffered from multiple gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead in a garage when authorities arrived.

“Justice served today! We got you! We got him,” the reality star wrote in a since-deleted post after Williams’ guilty conviction. Celebs and fans alike sent their well-wishes to Simmons at the time, who had shared intimate images of Tennyson and their son on Instagram.

Simmons and Tennyson got engaged in April 2016 and welcomed their son later in the year in September. But by the end of 2017, she had called off their engagement as cheating allegations began surfacing.

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