‘Tisha Campbell Has Lived a LIFE’: Tisha Campbell Fans Are In Awe After She Reveals Lenny Kravitz Was Her First Boyfriend and Whitney Houston Braided Her Hair

Actress Tisha Campbell played “Spill the Tisha” during her appearance on “The Jennifer Hudson Show” on April 12. Hudson came up with the segment to get to know Campbell better, and the “Martin” actress did not disappoint.

Campbell read several statements to Hudson for her to guess whether they were true or false, and the 54-year-old revealed that the first time she met superstar Whitney Houston as a child the singer braided her hair.

Tisha Campbell (L) tells Jennifer Hudson (R) that Whitney Houston braided her hair the first time they met. (Photo: The Jennifer Hudson Show screenshot / YouTube)

“The first time I ever met Whitney Houston, she was braiding my hair,” said Campbell, before Hudson guessed the statement was true.

“We were at an audition. I came into the audition, and I, I just saw her as ‘the big girl,’ ’cause she was like a couple of years older than me,” said Campbell. “Even though I was 10, I probably looked about 7, and she was about 15. Right before her, you know her, her big break.”

Campbell went on to say that the late singer took her under her wing at the audition, but she was worried Houston would mess up her hair.

“And so, I walked into the audition, and she was like ‘Come here, come here. Sit next to me. I wanna braid your hair. Come here. Let me braid your hair. You’re so pretty. Let me braid your hair. Let me braid your hair.’ So, she was braiding my hair and I was like, ‘Why does this big girl wanna braid my hair? Why is this big girl — Oh, I hope she doesn’t mess up my hair.'”

Campbell also shared that her first boyfriend was none other than the legendary Lenny Kravitz.

“We was like 15, 16-years-old but let me tell you,’ she said, “I was like I had street cred before y’all found out don’t play me.”

“The Jennifer Hudson Show” shared the segment on the show’s Instagram page, and fans loved the segment.

“This was good,” wrote one. “She has some good stories!”

“Wow, Tisha Campbell Has Lived a LIFE.”

“Hahahahahah why this big girl wanna braid my hair? awww RIP Whitney.”

“She is hilarious!”

“Tisha needs a talk show.”

The actress also revealed that she once cooked Thanksgiving dinner for the late Tupac Shakur and ran into a bear at her local grocery store.

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