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‘Keep It All the Way a Buck’: Rapper 50 Cent Disputes Jim Jones’ Claim that Dipset, Not G-Unit, Released the First Mixtape

Rapper 50 Cent responded to Jim Jones claiming that his group the Diplomats, also known as Dipset, began the mixtape movement. Jones made the claim during an appearance on the podcast, “Flip Da Script” on Feb. 6.

After Jones was asked which hip-hop group put out the first mixtape, he said it was his group Dipset, not G-Unit.

“Let’s get this right and I’m going to keep it all the way a buck,” said Jones. “We started the mixtape movement, right? And it wasn’t a crew mixtape. We were making real albums and putting them out as mixtapes. And G-Unit was doing replays of other people’s beats and making mixtapes.”


Jones went on to claim that Dipset used their mixtapes as albums to promote their “real albums” and that they put out their first one before G-Unit.

“It was a big difference. We was using our mixtapes as albums to promote our real albums, and off those mixtapes, we were taking singles that the people started lovin’ and started putting them on our real albums.” he said. “But even in that, we put the Dipset mixtape out first before G-Unit put their mixtape out. Now go Google it.”

According to Vibe, Dipset and G-Unit released their first mixtapes back in 2002 with Dipset releasing “Diplomats Volume 1” early in the year. G-Unit’s “50 Cent Is The Future” was released in the summer. 50 Cent and G-Unit went on to release 33 mixtapes in total, while the Dipset only released a total of eight total mixtapes.

After The Hip Hop Wolf shared a clip of the interview on Instagram, 50 Cent replied in the comment section. “He lyin’ LOL.”

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