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‘Lookin Like a Elf on a Shelf’: Kevin Hart Grabs a Knife and Jumps on Kitchen Counter After Nick Cannon Pranks Him with Ostrich and Alligator

Nick Cannon pranked Kevin Hart with an alligator and an ostrich during their new show “Celebrity Prank Wars.” The new show premiered on April 6 on the E! network.

Cannon first pranked his bestie by taking advantage of Hart’s infamous fear of ostriches by setting one loose in the same room the comedian was in. Hart knew something was about to happen before the large bird entered the room where he was anxiously awaiting, and when the door was opened by an actor named Henry hired by Cannon to masquerade as one of the show’s producers, Hart lept up onto the counter he was sitting on with the quickness.

Kevin Hart Nick Cannon
Kevin Hart (left) and Nick Cannon (right) have a new show on E! Entertainment called “Celebrity Prank Wars.” (Photo: E! Entertainment screenshot/YouTube)

(13:25)“Oh, you gotta be f—n’ s—n’ me,” said Hart as he jumped up on the counter. “You gotta be s—n’ me, Henry.”

Cannon and the show’s producers are seen watching the prank on a monitor and laughing hysterically.

A handler took the ostrich back into the hallway as Hart grabbed a large butcher knife and waved it as he said, “Let one of these things come in here and get a little too active… Y’all hear that? Let one of these f—rs come in here, it’s gonna be chitty-chitty bang bang. You hear me?”

Nick Cannon Kevin Hart
Nick Cannon (right) pranks Kevin Hart (left, center) with an ostrich on “Celebrity Prank Wars.” (Photos: E! Entertainment screenshots/YouTube)

The ostrich came back into the room and Hart began speaking to the bird directly.

“Hey Hey! hey! Don’t! Stay yo’ ass back. Hey! Get your ass back… You better get! Get your ass outta here. Get! If the wings go up, it’s a wrap.”

After Henry told Hart that he needed to go with him to see Cannon, Hart told Henry, “Tell Nick I said, ‘f—k him!’ Yeah, you tell Nick I said ‘f—k him.'”

Hart decided to call Cannon on video chat, and when the “Wild ‘N Out” host answered, all he could do was laugh as Hart asked him, “Where you at? Where the f—k you at? Where you at, Nick? Hey, listen, listen to me. … I swear to God, I’mma stab the f—k out of one of these animals in here. I’m not playin’ with you, man. If any of these animals get active in here, I’m telling you right now, their blood is on your hands, you hear me? … If anything jumps out crazy, it’s bye-bye.”

“Just calm down, Kevin,” Cannon managed to say and hung up.

The prank wasn’t over yet. Hart went into a dressing room and immediately got up on the dressing table as he heard another animal coming from behind a curtain.

“Y’all got me f—d up,” said Hart. “There’s no comedy in this, I’m being serious. And y’all don’t have real control over these animals,” protested the “Fatherhood” actor.

As an alligator’s face came from underneath the curtain, Hart exclaimed, “What the f—k is that!?”

He began laughing as he stood up on the dressing table and walked in the opposite direction of the alligator and said, “Y’all got to be s—g me! Yo, Yo! Come get it. Come f—n’ get it! Y’all better act like I’m a billion dollar movie star,” he yelled. “They got to come get him!”

After the handlers came in to get the alligator, Hart yelled, “Hand on the Bible, Nick. I’ma f—k you up!” Hart joked that he wasn’t giving up the knife until he got into his car to leave.

Cannon also had jokes on Twitter when he shared an announcement about the show featuring Hart standing on the dressing room counter. He captioned a post, “That’s the smallest Billion Dollars I’ve ever seen!!! #PrankKING.”

The Neighborhood Talk shared the video on Instagram, and fans reacted to the post in the comment section.

“It’s Kevin holding onto that [knife emoji] for dear life for me,” wrote one fan.

“Lookin like a elf on a shelf,” replied another.

“Chitty chitty bang bang for me lmao,” noted one fan. “Now back to my self-care puff puff pass.”

“The alligator would’ve had my heart beating,” added another fan.

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