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‘Most Tasteful Clap Back’: Fans Applaud Zonnique Pullins’ Classy Clap Back After a Troll Suggested Her Mother, Tiny Harris, Was Prettier ‘Back In the Day’

Zonnique Pullins seemingly has reached her limit when it comes to people criticizing the physical appearance of her mother, Tiny Harris

The 27-year-old decided to clap back at a fan who suggested that Harris was prettier “back in the day.”

Zonnique Pullins and Tiny Harris
Zonnique Pullins defends Tiny Harris after fan says Harris was prettier ‘back in the day.’ (Photo: @zonniquejailee/Instagram)

A Twitter user whose handle is @MikeyWsm uploaded a throwback photo of a young Harris on a red carpet with a Grammy in her hand as she and Kandi Burruss smiled for the cameras.

“Yo can somebody explain to me what happened to tiny ? Bcus my whole life she been ugly … I never knew she was pretty back in the day …”

The post began to spread like wildfire before catching Pullins’ attention, who penned up a lengthy answer to the user’s impertinent tweet. 

“she grew up in the industry and has always received more hate than love,” she wrote. “I know most of you can’t fathom what that does to your self esteem because your life revolves around getting on the internet and talking down on others like it’s your job without the paycheck..the misery fr”

In an additional tweet, Pullins wrote, “y’all know if I don’t do nothing ima give my queen her flowers and don’t need no help..she gone get the whole garden from me”

The Neighborhood Talk reposted the interaction on its Instagram page, where fans applauded Pullins for always having her mother’s back. 

“One thing Zonnique gon do is step for her family ain’t it”

“The explained, defended, and invoked ethos all while staying neutral and unapologetic and not disrespectful although she could have been… most tasteful clap back” 

Pullins and Harris appear to have a close-knit mother-and-daughter bond. The “Who Can I Run To” vocalist had her oldest daughter when she was 20 years old with her former boyfriend, Zonnie Pullins. 

Though the two women constantly express having immense love for each other, the “Gucci This (Gucci That)” singer has previously spoken out about her journey of healing after feeling abandoned by her mother, who traveled a lot due to her being a part of the successful ‘90s group Xscape

In an interview with Mr. Jay Hill for “The Jay Hill Podcast,” Pullins confessed that having two absent parents — her father was behind bars around this time — resulted in her becoming emotionally numb. 

“I was like, ‘Oh ok, this is my life,” she said. “You can’t really do anything, you become numb to it.” 

While Harris has not publicly addressed her daughter’s comments, she did describe Pullins as her “best friend” in a lengthy birthday post on Instagram for Pullins’ 27th birthday on March 20.

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