‘He Meant What He Said’: New York Shopper Hits Couple’s Car and Unleashes Racist Tirade, Says More Black People Should’ve Been Killed In Buffalo Mass Shooting

A New York man is under investigation for his racist rant toward a Black family in a grocery store parking lot.

The incident occurred on March 20 at an Aldi in Cheektowaga, a suburb of Buffalo.

Kevin and Cheryl Moses (left) and the man who yelled racial slurs at the couple in a parking lot (right) (Photos: Talisha Moses/Facebook)

The sequence of events reportedly began when Kevin Moses went inside the grocery store to grab items while his wife, Cheryl, waited outside in the car. When Kevin returned, his wife told him that a white man hit their car. Kevin confronted the man, and the situation escalated quickly as the white shopper started to yell racial slurs at the couple. Cheryl then took out her phone and started recording the encounter.

Their adult daughter, Talisha Moses, shared the clips on her Facebook page.

She wrote, “This is sickening this despicable person saying this to my father and stepmother .. he was caught damaging my father’s vehicle.”

The white male was recorded saying, “You are a f—ing n—–. You’re not even f—ing animal.”

The man then chants, “Kill all n——! Kill all s—–!”

The white male walked off to put his shopping cart away and then returned to get in his car while he continued to yell racial slurs. It was reported by the Black couple that he even referenced the Buffalo grocery store mass shooting that resulted in 10 Black people dying.

Kevin continued to urge the man to give up his identity as he walked toward him, but he refused.

“You are an example of an ignorant man, sir,” Kevin says in the video. “Just gonna let you know you’re going to be on YouTube, sir. You just made YouTube!”

“Why don’t you call the police n****,” the white male said as he closed his car door and drove off.

After the incident took place, Kevin wrote under his daughter’s Facebook post about the ordeal.

“When I told [the man] he damaged my vehicle he started off with the N-Word and said more people should have been killed at TOPS last year, that’s when I started recording the video,” Kevin wrote. “Cheektowaga PD showed up and told me since the vehicle was parked they can’t write a report. I was given his insurance carrier name however no number or name.”

Cheektowaga Police told WIVB 4 News in Buffalo on March 21 that they were aware of the video and launched an investigation to identify the man.

“We have identified the individual through our investigation process,” Police Capt. Brian Coons said. “We have determined that we have dealt with this individual previously. Based on those dealings, we are getting the assistance of our behavioral health unit.”

“It’s just sad. I just feel like this guy, he meant what he said,” Talisha said to WIVB 4 News. “He meant it. He was adamant.”

The Cheektowaga Police also mentioned that they were working with Erie County District Attorney’s office to determine if criminal charges should be pursued.

“We are working in conjunction with the Erie County District Attorney’s office,” Coons said to the Daily Beast. “When we get the results, or once we finish the investigation, that will be turned over to the Erie County District Attorney’s Office, and they’ll decide what charges will be pursued.”

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