‘They Got Selective Outrage with Me’: Jermaine Dupri Calls Out Rap Artists for ‘Wearing Wigs’ Following Criticism for His High-Top Fade

Jermaine Dupri is speaking out about the criticism he received for recently sporting a “House Party” fade on social media.

The music producer was roasted back in January after he shared photos and videos of his famously bald head with a high-top hairdo.

During a discussion in the Tidal Twitter space on March 20, Dupri said he wore the now-infamous high-top wig as an homage to the 50th anniversary of hip-hop music.

Jermaine Dupri at Kirk Frost’s Birthday party in January. (Photos: @jermainedupri/Instagram.)

“I did a hi-top fade as my, you know, paying respect to hip-hop 50,” said Dupri. “Cuz like, I see everybody talking about, ‘We celebrating hip-hop 50.’ And all I know is that hip-hop made me cut three slits in my eyebrows.”

He continued, “Hip-hop made me have a box. Hip-hop made me put, what was it? Blonde dye at the top of my head. Hip-hop made me wear gloves in the summertime. Hip-hop made me do all kinds of s—t. For real! I’m telling you.”

The 50-year-old record executive added that he was celebrating hip-hop as he always has while noting that the music was the reason why he’d gotten tattoos, and he was merely celebrating the genre.

“Hip-hop made me get tattoos. Hip-hop made me get my tattoos on my neck. Hip-hop made me do so much, so I’m like, what is people doing to show what hip-hop has done for them? Everybody just talking about celebrating,” he continued. “We all keep talking about it but how are you celebrating it? I celebrated it by wearing that hi-top fade and just, you know, it’s hip-hop.”

Dupri also referenced the Netflix special “Selective Outrage” by Chris Rock and claimed he was watching the comedy special when he realized he’d also been the victim of selective outrage over his fake hi-top fade.

“It’s crazy to me because I was watching the Chris Rock special and I realized that’s what people have with my hi-top – like they got selective outrage with me,” said Dupri. “I never heard nobody say nothing about Tyler, The Creator wearing a wig. I never seen nobody say nothing about Lil Yachty wearing a wig. I never seen nobody say nothing about André 3000 wearing a wig.”

Dupril added, “They was wearing wigs, by the way! I just got on a hi-top fade and I look normal. N–s got selective outrage!”

Dupri was dragged on social media last January as fans joked about his “Hot Boy” look.

One fan replied, “He looks like lil Zane in power.”

“Welcome to Atlanta where the playas lace,” added another fan, prompting another to question, “That’s a lace front?”

Dupri ended the discussion by saying that he was just paying homage to the hip-hop industry with the wig.

“I was just paying my respect to hip-hop,” he added. “If we’re gonna celebrate hip-hop, let’s celebrate it.”

Lil Yachty received backlash for wearing a curly wig in his “Oprah’s Bank Account” music video in 2020. Fans also had a lot to say anytime Tyler, the Creator was spotted wearing a platinum-blonde wig.

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