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‘He Been Bald All This Time Now He Wanna Buy a Wig’: Jermaine Dupri Shocks Fans with New ‘House Party’ Hairdo

Music producer Jermaine Dupri has a new hairdo, and he shared his new look in an Instagram Story. Fans were shocked by the normally hairless Dupri with an abundance of hair upon his head, and many had jokes.

The 50-year-old seemed excited about his new look in the clip. He also bragged about his $10,000 sunglasses. “Yeah, fresh… anyway, y’all be talkin’ ’bout about a drip. Man, look, the glasses, man, my glasses cost $10,000,” he said.

The Shade Room captured the Instagram Story, and fans dragged Dupri’s new look in the comments section.

The post was captioned, “#PressPlay: #TSRHairDosAndDonts — #JermaineDupri went and got himself a new ‘do, #Roomies! Y’all feeling it orrrrr…? 👀.” The video was also captioned “Hair Dos and Donts.”

Jermaine Dupri. (Photo: @jermainedupri/Instagram.)

Some fans claimed to like Dupri’s new ‘do. “In my Teddy Riley voice, ‘YUP YUP!’ I think it looks good.” Another fan replied, “It’s giving ‘juice’.” One wrote, “He looks like lil Zane in power.”

“Why I thought he was Boosie,” joked one fan. “Welcome to Atlanta where the playas lace,” added another.

One fan advised Dupri that it was going to rain in Atlanta this week, so he should be on guard. “JD. It’s supposed to rain all week here in Atl. Guard ya wig by any means.” To that, another fan replied, “HOW I JUST SCREAMED OWWTT LOUD!!!! BLAHHHHHAAAA.”

Another fan asked, “That’s a lace front?”

“Okay Bishop,” added another fan. “It’s giving Otis from the Temptations vibes,” added another fan. “He been bald all this time now he wanna buy a wig,” noted another.

Other fans dragged Dupri for bragging about his $10,000 sunglasses.

“Don’t nobody need $10k glasses,” noted one fan. “Your glasses cost $10,000? And that’s a flex?! Smh,” echoed another. A third who brought up Dupri’s ex said, “After you fumbled Janet Jackson, I can’t take you seriously no mo.”

“He been bald all this time now he wanna buy a wig,” concluded a fan.

Dupri also shared his new look on Twitter with the caption, “If I ain’t a Hot Boy, then what do you call that?” One Twitter user replied, “We gonna call it the Kid high top fade from House Party.”

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