‘Now Cryese’: Fans Weigh In After Tyrese Gibson Puts Charlamagne Tha God on Blast for Saying ‘Nobody Cares’ About His New Song, Accuses the Host of ‘Acting Light-Skinned’

Tyrese Gibson didn’t hold back while expressing his hostile feelings toward “ex-darky” Charlamagne Tha God after the radio personality shared harsh words about the singer’s newest song. 

(Left) Charlamagne Tha God (‘The Breakfast Club’ on YouTube) (Right) Tyrese Gibson (‘Sway’s Universe’ on YouTube)

In a loaded Instagram post on Monday, Gibson called out “The Breakfast Club” host for dismissing the remix to his recent single, “Don’t Think You Ever Loved Me” featuring 2 Chainz and Jeezy.

“@cthagod disrespected me today,” the 44-year-old said, “I sent him my remix. Him said ‘No One Cares..’”

Gibson continued, “Link in the bio CLEAN & DIRTY I see the ex darky still losing sleep over me cause I’m still my original complexion… tag five DJs in the comments even after all these years I see, I still gotta demand the negative person respeck on my name.”

Tyrese Gibson calls out Charlamagne for dismissing his new single (Pictured: @tyrese/Instagram)

Charlamagne Tha God responded to Gibson’s comments the following morning on “The Breakfast Club” after Jason Lee, who was the latest guest host, asked him if the “Fast and Furious” actor’s statement was true. 

The father of four confirmed that he and Gibson had an exchange over the song, in which he told Gibson he did not like it. He went on to accuse the “How You Gonna Act Like That” singer of only reaching out when he needs a favor. 

“In this business, you can’t be used you’re useless. Tyrese is a person who only reaches out when he wants something or needs something,” Charlemagne said on Tuesday. “He never reaches out to say ‘Yo wassup man how are you?’ It’s always me me me me me me me me and he sent me that song like two or three times. I’m like ‘Yo we don’t care!’” 

Charlamagne continued to note that after he sent Gibson his stern message, the singer replied, “Light skin behavior.” 

Hollywood Unlocked shared a clip from Charlamagne’s response on Instagram, where several individuals left various remarks in the comment section. 

“How are y’all mad at Charlamagne for refusing to be used by Tyrese”

“Now cryrese…you act way more ‘light skinned’ than he does and I don’t even like him. Also let’s stop using light skinned as a diss. Sound goofy.”

“Tyrese is always online crying or writing 500 word essays.”

“Respectfully, Tyrese needs to hear ‘We don’t care’ more often.” 

It wasn’t long before Gibson was made aware of Charlamagne’s comments, prompting him to go on another tirade on Instagram addressing the claims. 

“I had to look out for Charlamagne the god and make sure that I put a filter on him so that he can look as dark as he used to be,” he wrote. 

“I heard he was talking s–t about me on the radio this morning? Damn, I don’t know what I did to you bro I thought we was cool???? Damn I heard you’ve be acting light-skinned lately it’s cool.”

Gibson believes Charlamagne does not have “a love” for him, adding that he will be “coming” for “The Breakfast Club” host to verbally discuss the problem face to face.

“That’s not a threat. That’s an elbow. That’ll be followed by a hug,” he wrote.

After his rant about Charlamagne ended, Gibson aired out his frustrations with the music industry and begged fans to tag five DJs underneath his post so that his single can top the charts and go number one. 

“I NEED YOUR SUPPORT BADLY,” he said. “If my Singhal goes to number one everything about not having a label deal and potentially having to push my #BeautifulPain album back all goes away.”

Earlier this year, the “Baby Boy” star revealed that he was dropped from this label on Valentine’s Day. That day also happened to mark the one-year anniversary of his mother, Priscilla Murray Gibson, who died from COVID-19 and pneumonia.

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