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‘Wasn’t Having That S—’: Dave Chappelle Recalls Hilarious Story of How He Was Fooled Into a Twitter Fight with a ‘Fake’ Katt Williams

Once upon a time, fans believed Dave Chappelle and Katt Williams were beefing on Twitter, and based on their words, many assumed they were ready to square up and fight.

Katt joined Chapelle to discuss this story and more on a recent episode of Chapelle’s podcast called, “The Midnight Miracle,” with lyrical co-hosts Yasin Bey and Talib Kweli.  

Dave Chappelle Katt Williams
Dave Chappelle and Katt Williams. (Photos: @midnightmiracle/Instramgram,@kattwilliams/Instagram)

The 25-minute episode titled, “Napa, Act 4,” finds Williams talking about his journey as a comedian and other happenings over his career in between the jokes and other more serious subjects. 

Nearly six minutes into the conversation, the “Get By” artist asked the two comedians about their alleged beef, which Chappelle claims began after he tried to sign up for Twitter and found someone else was using his name and photo.  

“I went to see who was using it and it was a fake Dave Chappelle. This n— had my pictures, this when I thought Twitter was brand new,” he stated. “And I thought, you know, put a stop to this, and then I started reading this n—’s tweets and they were hilarious.” 

He said he thought he could get away with it by allowing the fake page to continue making people laugh online while building his “good comedy reputation.” 

“Funny stuff every morning but then he goes rogue. He starts attacking celebrities and stuff and friends of mine and of all these celebrities Katt Williams … Katt Williams wasn’t having that s—,” said Chappelle.  

“The problem was Katt Williams was saying things to fake Dave Chappelle that was hurting real Dave Chappelle’s feelings.”

The “Blue Streak” actor claims he previously confronted the “Friday After Next” star over the tweets while out in L.A. 

“I said, Yo, Katt can I talk to you?’ and he like, ‘of course.’ And I go, ‘Away from Suge [Knight],’” said Chappelle before sharing that they went off to reveal their beef was pointless because neither had Twitter accounts at the time. 

“Katt’s like, ‘So the f— what? I’ve don’t have a Twitter account either,’” said Chappelle, to which Katt responded, “I still don’t have a Twitter account.” 

“It turns out it was fake Dave Chappelle and fake Katt Williams. But Katt’s fake was funnier than my fake,” said Chappelle. 

“They were great … the great fakes,” added Katt. 

A clip from their comical story was shared on Instagram by The Jasmine Brand, where fans complimented Chappelle’s storytelling and shared their hilarious remarks in the comment section.  

“Dave is hilarious even when he’s not trying.” 

“The Fake accounts was Feefing not Beefing.” 

“I can see Katt looking confused AF! ‘So the f*ck what!” 

“The real kicker is, both pages were ran by the same person.” 

There is a Katt Williams Twitter page that was created in March 2009, and its earliest tweet is from April 2011. The account has 2 million followers, while the host of “Chappelle’s Show” now has 1.1 million followers after joining the platform in March 2012.  

The beef between fake Katt Williams and fake Dave Chapelle took place in January 2011.

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