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‘Whew Chile’: Ashanti Fans Are Going In After Fan Says the Singer ‘Being Childless and Single at 42 Is Not a Flex’

If there’s one thing Ashanti can say she has, it’s a loyal fanbase. 

Her supporters recently proved that they are unafraid to rally behind her after a Twitter user tried to call out Ashanti’s chosen way of life.

The 42-year-old recently shared a few photos on her Instagram page that showed her on another vacation, this time at Saadiyat Island, which is located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. 

Ashanti is defended by fans after a troll taunts her for being single and childless. (Photo: @ashanti/Instagram.)

Ashanti gorgeously posed in a solid green bikini with a multi-colored bathing suit cover-up. 

The early 2000s singer’s photos made their way onto Twitter, where fans praised Ashanti for living her best life without children. 

“Ashanti really be on vacation 365 days and no kids Lmao” one Twitter user wrote. 

While several fans agreed with the tweet, one man suggested that Ashanti’s lack of a man and children is not the great accomplishment people have made it out to be. 

“Being a 42yo with no kids & nobody wanna Marry you is not a flex,” he wrote. 

His tweet quickly flooded with Ashanti fans who called him out for suggesting that a woman cannot be content with her life without a man and children to take care of. 

“Y’all really think a woman’s ultimate goal is to be a wife and mother”

“Lol… You think men don’t want to marry Ashanti… If she wanted to be married & have kids that would have happened. She’s living her life & her happiness is a flex. Plenty ppl aren’t happy, family or not. She has said she’s dating so it works for her.”

“The fact you think she needs a man to be happy says a lot. Maybe SHE don’t want to marry these no good men” 

“Ashanti living her best life on her own terms and looking DAMN GOOD doing it, that is a flex fym 1. Not everyone wants kids 2. Not everyone wants to get married 3. How you 39 and still TRYING to be a rapper… and got the nerve to be mid af” 

Ashanti’s busy work schedule has previously taken precedence over her personal wants and needs, but the pop princess has confessed that she is ready to settle down and start a family. 

In a July 2022 interview with People Magazine, the “Foolish” singer confessed, “There’s so much going on, but I’m definitely planning on chilling soon and experiencing that [kids].” 
She continued, “I think my kids are going to be awesome. I think everyone’s going to love my kids.”

Until the day arrives when Ashanti pops out her own little mini-me, she continues to find enjoyment on luxurious vacations and looking beautiful while she’s on them.

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