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‘We Found Our Way … Back to the Love’: LisaRaye Shares Moments from Her Mother’s Homegoing, Says They Mended Their Bond Since Addressing Issues About the Actress’s Dad on ‘Iyanla: Fix My Life’

LisaRaye McCoy has officially done what many children are never prepared for: She said goodbye to her mother. 

The 55-year-old actress updated her 2.2 million Instagram followers by giving them a glimpse of her mother, Katie McCoy’s, service and homegoing — which took place a “week and 1 day ago.”

“My moms service and Homegoing was perfect,” McCoy penned. 

Kai, LisaRaye, and Katie McCoy. (Photo: @kaimorae/Instagram)

She went on to highlight that the celebration truly represented the person her 77-year-old mother was. 

“Everything my momma was about as a mother, wife, protector, cook, homework doer, disciplinary, tell it like it T-I-S-er supporter, women and Queen this celebration was it,” she continued while thanking friends, family, and fans for their kind words, prayers and energy.”

As her lengthy caption reached the middle, McCoy began to reflect on her and her mother’s experience on “Iyanla: Fix My Life” with Iyanla Vanzant back in 2020. 

“When some saw us on Iyanla Fix My Life it was 4 generations under 1 roof cry out for help.. A lot of pain and trauma unwrapped in the middle.”

McCoy, her daughter Kai, and Katie all appeared on the seventh season of the show on the OWN Network. Their episode was titled, “3 Generations, 1 Family Breakdown.”

Throughout the 45-minute episode, viewers were able to watch the family unpack their family issues, including Katie sharing how hurt she was by her daughter maintaining a close-knit relationship with her father, David Ray McCoy, after his infidelity. 

McCoy’s father is also deceased and passed away in 1988. 

“She knew her daddy was a damn h–, you stayed with him,” Katie projected to Vanzant, “she had no right to go up there and live with him and his woman!”

“Queen mother, her relationship with her father is not about your relationship with the king,” Vanzant sternly told Katie as tears streamed down her daughter’s face. “That was your man. … That was her daddy.”

Despite their intense episode, the “All of Us” star confessed in her Instagram post that she and her mother were able to find their way back together before Katie’s transition on Feb. 10. 

“Before the end, we found understanding, compassion, and our way back to the love. Thank God,” she wrote. 

Now dealing with the loss of both parents, McCoy described herself as a “tough cookie” who will eventually heal from the loss. However, she said tears needed to be shed before she reaches that part of healing. 

“WE needed that time to blow up,work on and fix us & our family. We got it,” McCoy wrote. “Ma rest with no more suffering. You did a great job with me. I got the torch from here. Stay with me in spirit as I been recently feeling. I’m still going to make you prouder.” 

As her message came to a close, McCoy urged her followers to keep her in their prayers, and fans made sure to do just that in her comment section.

“Sending you love, strength, and prayer,” wrote former “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Cynthia Bailey. 

Fellow celebrities sent their condolences and words of prayer over to McCoy. She still has not revealed her mother’s cause of death.

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