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‘Bro Dressed Like He About to Work Night Shift’: Kevin Hart’s Adorable Family Photo Goes Left After Fans Clown His Wardrobe Choice

Kevin Hart, 43, isn’t just about showing his comedic chops; followers of the actor know he’s big on showing off his family too via social media.

The latest Instagram upload by the “Jumanji” actor shows him with his big, happy family — including his wife and four children. 

In Hart’s photo, fans can see his two older children, 17-year-old Heaven and 15-year-old Hendrix Hart, sitting on the third step smiling from ear to ear. The comedian shares his two older kids with his ex-wife, Torrei Hart. 

On the second step, Hart’s 5-year-old son, Kenzo, sat, showing all of his teeth and chubby cheeks. The first step was occupied by Hart, his 2-year-old daughter Kaori and his wife of nearly seven years, Eniko Hart. 

Eniko and Hart share the two young toddlers. Hart attached a second photo in his upload that showed him standing up as he and his family’s dog locked eyes.

Kevin Hart’s family photo derails after fans zoom in on his outfit. (Pictured: @kevinhart4real/Instagram)

“#Harts #LiveLoveLaugh P.S Yes I swear @fableticsscrubs In the house… I love them [laughing emojis]” he wrote in his Instagram caption. 

While his photo received over 230,000 likes, a few fans couldn’t help but raise questions about his wardrobe. 

“Why is bro dressed like he’s working in the ER?”

“Boy dressed like he about to work night shift in ER.”

Several others expressed gratitude for the photos, stating that they will now be added to a variety of meme collections of Hart. 

“Y’all we got a new meme template!!! Go go GO!”

“They finna make a meme out the second picture.” 

The stand-up comic has been trending for the past week after photos of him alongside comical captions were plastered throughout social media. 

Most of the photos of Hart seem to have been pulled from Getty Images or old magazine photos, given that they have an edited look to them.

Comments included:

When someone catches me talking to myself”

“When I start talking s–t about my man to my friends & they start talking s–t about him too”

Even actress Halle Berry hopped on the Kevin Hart meme trend by uploading a photo of them together from Hart’s 2016 stand-up comedy, “What Now?” 

After seeing the massive attention he was receiving, Hart decided to get to the bottom of this joke by posing a question on his Instagram page. 

“Can somebody tell me why I am trending ….I got endless memes being sent to my damn phone from a bunch of my dumba— friends WTF is going on????” he asked. “Gotta admit that they are funny as hell tho.” 

While it is uncertain how Hart became a newfound meme, it’s clear that he, along with everyone on social media, finds the fan-created content top-tier comedy.

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