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‘Best Drunk Dad Speech’: Kevin Hart’s Post-Super Bowl Pep Talk to Son Kenzo Derails When Fans Notice How Tipsy He Is

Kevin Hart and his youngest son Kenzo are feeling the pain of seeing the Philadelphia Eagles lose their grip on a Super Bowl win. 

The Eagles were soaring high until a penalty called in the last two minutes of the game completely derailed their chance at winning the Lombardi Trophy over the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, Feb. 12. The comedic rockstar is a diehard fan of his hometown team, so it came as no surprise to learn that his mini-me follows in his dad’s footsteps.

After witnessing Jalen Hurts and his teammates narrowly miss out on the big win, the “Laugh at My Pain” jokester shared a video of his Facetime call with Kenzo, who was noticeably distraught by the loss.

Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart speaks with his son Kenzo Hart through FaceTime after the Eagles lost the Super Bowl. Photo: Kevinhart4real/Instagram

“You know what, Zo? Daddy’s not going to lie, Zo. I don’t like it either, I’m mad too, Zo. Daddy’s mad too, but you have to have good sportsmanship, and we have to say congratulations,” said the father of four. In the background, his wife, Eniko Hart, can also be heard trying to console the five-year-old. “We gotta say congrats to the other team, and we gotta wait ’til next year. We’ll be back,” he continued.

“But I’m still sad a little bit,” said Kenzo. Hart then let his son know that he was not alone in having a case of the blues. “Daddy sad too. Daddy’s sad too, Zo-Zo … We Eagles fans until we die and you know what, we’re gonna ride with the Eagles and we’re gonna die with Eagles because that’s what real fans do. We support the Eagles.”

“If we’re good fans, we’re good people who support, that means we love them when they’re up and when they’re down,” he said after his pep talk took a bit of an extreme fan nosedive. “But I know we gon’ get through it,” said the “Real Husbands of Hollywood” star.

Fans reacting to the minute-and-a-half-clip were humored by Hart’s dedication to the team as well as the obvious effect his consumption of alcohol had on his speech. They commented:

“Real father can be drunk and still hold it 75% together for the baby I feel you and respect you !!!!!!”

“Sounds like you drank that whole shopping cart.”

“Best drunk dad speech.”

“Kev sound DEFEATED.”

Hart also acknowledged that he was tipsy during the father-son moment. “We are Hurting in the Hart Household ….Still love my city and my team!!!!! Thank you for an amazing season….. We will be back next year!!!!!! My little man was crushed…. #Harts #Philly #LiveLoveLaugh ….P.S I was on that Mino Lino from the game,” he wrote in the caption.

Hart’s star power has landed him deals with Fabletics, a Nike sneaker, the launch of his own network, LOL Network, and more in what feels like a few short years. But the business endeavor that may have surprised fans the most is his venture into the spirits industry. In a video posted leading up to game day, Hart showed off a Gran Carmino truck that was loaded with boxes of his tequila. The comedy box office sensation debuted his line of agave tequila last spring, hence the “Mino Lino” reference in his post.

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