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‘Wait, That Was Angela???!’: Angela Bassett’s Rare Cameo In Her Daughter’s TikTok Video Still Has Fans Confusing Her for Keke Palmer

Angela Bassett and Keke Palmer will never beat the allegations that they are secretly related, especially after Basset’s new TikTok video with her biological daughter Bronwyn Golden Vance. 

The 17-year-old uploaded a video of herself with Bassett while they were seemingly in a hotel room either before or after attending the British Academy Film and Television Awards (BAFTA) on Sunday, Feb. 19. 

In their video, Vance was seen in a red gown lip-syncing a verse from the song “Stick Rice” by rappers Lil Gnar and Germ featuring rapper Madeintyo. 

As the teenager mouthed, “she said she wished it was two of me,” she extended her hand, and it was quickly slapped by Bassett, who then entered the camera frame in an elegant lavender garment and joined her daughter in the video with a synchronized dance. 

The cute mother-daughter dance routine received nearly a million views on Vance’s TikTok and was reposted by @Theybf_daily on Instagram. 

A few fans under the publication’s comment section needed to do a double-take because they were convinced Bassett was pregnant “Nope” actress Keke Palmer. 

Angela Bassett, Keke Palmer
(L-R) Angela Bassett and Keke Palmer. Photos: Im.angelabassett/Instagram, Keke/Instagram

“Omg I thought that was Keke but I was like where’s her baby bump.” 

“Chile I was about to say Keke had her baby already never realized how much they looked alike.”

“Wait, that was Angela???!”

Palmer and Basset recently reunited back in December for an interview with Vanity Fair, where the Golden Globe Award-winning actress praised Palmer’s impersonation of her. 

In addition to her acting ability, 29-year-old Palmer typically goes viral on social media for her comical quick-witted sayings and bubbly personality. 

However, in July 2022, she sent the internet into a frenzy after acing an impression of Bassett during a scene from the autobiographical miniseries “The Jacksons: An American Dream.”

Palmer’s go-to scene was when Bassett, who played Katherine Jackson, found out about her husband Joe Jackson’s infidelity. During the scene, Bassett pursed her lips and said, “I don’t want you, I don’t want you, I don’t want you no more.” 

After Palmer recited the line in front of her former colleague, the ladies broke out into laughter, and Bassett revealed that the famous line was improvised. 

That was the first time both Critics’ Choice Award winners saw each other after 16 years following their roles as mother and daughter in the 2006 drama film “Akeelah and the Bee.”

The NAACP Image Award-winning movie followed 11-year-old Palmer embarking on a National Spelling Bee journey with a strict spelling coach portrayed by Lawrence Fishburne.

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