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‘Made Ross Look Like Kevin Hart’: A Photo of Rick Ross and Shaquille O’Neal Has Fans Pointing Out Their Obvious Height Difference

Rick Ross may have to rethink his “biggest” nickname after looking rather small compared to former basketball player, Shaquille O’Neal. The 5-foot-11 rapper and the 7-foot-1 NBA legend posed for a photo together during the 2023 NBA All-Star Game on Sunday, Feb. 19 at Vivint Arena in Salt Lake City. 

“@shaq real as they come,” Rozay put as his Instagram caption. Ross also uploaded a video of himself and O’Neal embracing in a hug right as they came together for the photo. 

Their two legends’ suave photo received over 41,000 likes, with over 690 comments, but a few fans couldn’t help but notice their obvious height difference

Shaquille O’Neal and Rick Ross. (Photo: @richforever/Instagram)

“The Biggest Boss ft. The Tallest Boss”

“I’ve never seen someone make Ross look this small”

“Looks like he was sitting down [laughing emoji]”

“Shaq is huge, made Ross look little af!”

One fan even compared Ross’ height to the 5-foot-2 comedian Kevin Hart

“Made Ross look like Kevin Hart”

Hart frequently gets mocked for his height and usually joins in on the jokes as well. The Philadelphia native’s size was recently made into a joke after he uploaded a video of himself hitting the top of O’Neal’s head during Super Bowl LVII. 

While the Hall of Famer was in the middle of his statement about the Philadelphia Eagles, Hart popped up out of the blue and punched O’Neal’s bare head while yelling, “At any time! At any time you can get it! Straight banged on ya nut-ass”

O’Neal looked surprised by Hart’s action and decided to close his video out by stating, “Go Cowboys.”

The Dallas Cowboys are long-standing rivals to the Eagles.

“I was sick of your s–t @shaq,” Hart wrote in his caption, “you were sitting down and I took advantage of a 1x opportunity.” 

Noting that this was the first time he and O’Neal were finally at the same “eye level,” the “Think Like A Man” actor continued to write, “I tried to knock yo big ass out… you should’ve went to sleep because I hit you with everything that I had. Gotta love the big fella”

Despite Hart’s belief that his hit was hard enough to leave O’Neal with damage, plenty of fans suggested that Hart harmed himself more than the massive O’Neal with the so-called hit.

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