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‘Living Off a Divorced Woman’s Alimony’: Crystal Smith Gets Up Close and Personal with Mystery Man on Vacation After Finalizing Divorce from Ne-Yo

After divorcing her husband, multi-platinum Grammy-award winner Ne-Yo, reality star Crystal Smith is spotted out living her best life on what seems to be a wintertime vacation.

ne-yo crystal smith
Crystal Smith and Ne-Yo. (Photos: @itscrystalsmith/Instagram, @neyo/Instagram.)

A video posted on her Instagram Stories showed Smith dressed in a jewel green bikini and wrap, flossing waist-length braids. Seconds into the clip, a mystery man entered the frame and whispered something in her ear. Smith giggled coyly right before the video ended.

Social media went wild with people celebrating how happy she looked, after the very public split with her former partner including many who shared memes of the “So Sick” singer.

One person commented, “Can’t blame her,” with someone else chiming in saying, “She should live her lifeee !”

“Sis said that ink done dried just in time. iktr purr.”

“Ain’t crying bout no n… let’s go get sim money and get fine on these n…”

“Somebody check on Neyo.”

“N…. love living off a divorced woman’s alimony lol”

“Periodd leave them kids with Showtime.”

Smith and Ne-Yo officially filed for divorce after publicly splitting in August 2022.

According to sources, the pair share three children: 6-year-old Shaffer Chimere Jr., 3-year-old Alexander-Raj Smith, and 1-year-old Isabella Rose, for whom they will share joint custody.

One caveat to their custody agreement is that neither will be permitted to bring any romantic partners around their children, unless they are planning on getting married, or are already married to that particular individual. 

Smith is scheduled to receive $12,000 a month in child support and $5,000 a month in alimony until 2026, based on Ne-Yo’s net worth of $9 million. She also received $150,000 for a new car since Ne-Yo will be keeping their 2022 Bentley Bentayga.

As a part of their divorce agreement, the singer/songwriter has given $20,000 to Smith for her moving expenses since she’s keeping one of their four homes in Georgia. 

In total, Smith walked away with an estimated $1.6 million when she divorced her superstar husband. Ne-Yo also reportedly fathered two children with another woman during their marriage, as previously reported.

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