Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty Sued for $750,000 After Petty Reportedly Assaulted Bodyguard in 2019

Nicki Minaj and her husband Kenneth Petty are being sued for $750,000 by a former bodyguard. The former security guard claims he was assaulted following Minaj’s concert in Frankfurt, Germany, back in 2019.

Thomas Weidenmuller, a resident of Germany, was head of Minaj’s security for the concert and alleges Petty punched him in the face following the performance. He is suing for $753,958.51, claiming infliction of emotional distress as well as battery.

Kenneth Petty Nicki Minaj
Kenneth Petty, Nicki Minaj. (Photo: @nickiminaj / Instagram.)

The mayhem began after a fan bypassed a female security guard near the stairs and got onstage during the performance. The Blast reports that the male fan got onstage with the singer but did not attempt to touch Minaj and only danced along to the music.

“The concert-goer did not cause harm to any other person, nor did he damage any property during or after his limited time on stage,” read the documents. “He simply danced on stage to the music. He did not attempt to, and did not actually, make any physical contact with Minaj while on stage.”

After the show, Minaj allegedly confronted the female guard for putting her at risk by allowing the fan onstage. The documents reportedly noted that the “Bang, Bang” singer was “irate” and called the female guard a “f—ing b—h” and “accused her of having put Minaj in physical danger.”

The bodyguard was apparently in tears as she apologized. Minaj was not satisfied with the apology and allegedly threw her shoes at the bodyguard but missed. After Weidenmuller was summoned by Petty, he claimed Minaj and her husband screamed insults. Weidenmuller said the couple also accused him of being romantically involved with the female bodyguard.

Weidenmuller denied the accusation and claimed Petty suddenly punched him in the side of his face. “Without warning, Petty PUNCHED Weidenmuller from the side and made contact with the right side of his face.” The bodyguard also claimed that he was hospitalized for ten days as a result due to a broken jaw.

Minaj was dropped from a separate lawsuit last year that alleged she and Perry intimidated his sexual assault victim, Jennifer Hough. Perry was convicted in 1995 of first-degree attempted rape for assaulting Hough. Perry spent four years in prison. The lawsuit claimed that Minaj and her husband tried to force her to recant her rape allegation against Petty through intimidation and harassment. The victim’s attorney Tyrone Blackburn confirmed that his client dropped Minaj from the case but not Petty.

“The case against Nicki was voluntarily dismissed,” said Blackburn. “The case against Kenneth Petty is still ongoing. Stay tuned!”

Petty was ordered by a federal judge to go to mediation with Hough to try to settle the suit by March 6.

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