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‘When You Get Older Only Younger Guys Want to Date You’: La La Anthony Opens Up About the Struggles of Dating in Her 40s

La La Anthony disclosed the difficulties of dating in her 40s during her appearance on the “Call Me Daddy” podcast.

Anthony, who is currently going through a divorce from her estranged husband Carmelo Anthony, shared the details earlier this month when discussing how she met the Los Angeles Lakers forward and the age difference between them.

When You Get Older Only Younger Guys Want to Date You?: La La Anthony Opens Up About the Struggles of Dating in Her 40s
La La Anthony talks about the difficulties of dating in her 40s. Photo:Screenshot/YouTube

Anthony said at the 24:41 mark that she was first introduced to Carmelo by DJ Clue in 2003. “So there was a DJ named DJ Clue, who was like I got this guy [Carmelo] who really wants to meet you. He’s seen you on MTV before and he’s 19 years old. I was like OK, 19 at that time I was 22. Yeah, I was just like that’s kind of young.”

Further in the discussion, Anthony — whose age is variously listed anywhere from 43 to 39 — temporarily switched topics and brought up how younger men are pursuing her, especially in her Instagram DMs.

Anthony shared, “This is what I’m finding, I don’t understand this. This is how it goes, when you’re younger you want to date older guys. I’m not saying when you get older you want to date younger guys. But when you get older only younger guys want to date you. It’s the wildest thing literally.”

She added, “Guys would dm me or would want to take me out and I’ll google them I’ll be like ‘you’re 22 years old, like how does this work?'”

While describing the type of individuals that would approach or contact her, Anthony said, “But like so confident, so like ‘I want to take you out. I think you’re amazing.’ I’m just like what’s the cut off. … But I don’t get what this thing is the older you get the younger the guys get and it’s wild.”

Anthony wrapped up the conversation by saying that she and Camerlo’s relationship blossomed over time because the pair remained friends following their first meeting.

The mother of one claimed that although their 11-year marriage ended badly after she filed for divorce last June following Carmelo’s alleged infidelities, which led to him fathering a child, she still considers him a good friend.

While mentioning their teenage son Kiyan, Anthony said,”So he [Carmelo] was 19 and I was like cool I don’t want to be with an athlete…But we became friends and that’s the thing we were friends for a while and our friendship turned into more. We had some great times. We have a beautiful son Kiyan. It wasn’t all bad we had great great times. It ended bad but we’re still friends, and we co-parent great.”

On Nov. 28, when The Shade Room shared Anthony’s remarks about the challenges she faces while dating, many fans expressed that the model only said those comments to showcase her interest in younger men.

“She finna pop out with a young n–a I heard it all in the way she said ‘soo confident’ lol.”

“She’s just putting it out there before we see her with one of the Pro baller rookies.”

“You better go head and enjoy yo self she know she wanna indulge.”

“Sounds like she interested to me.”

Among the previous comments, others agreed with Anthony’s response. One wrote, “Listeeennnnn them youngins are out here applying pressure!!!” Another said, “Nah she’s 100 percent right. They be mad confident too.”

In May, Anthony was spotted getting close to her 27-year-old “BMF” co-star Da’Vinchi. Although the pair were captured holding hands as they hung out at an undisclosed location, no details about Anthony and Da’Vinchi’s relationship was released to the public. 

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