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‘The Clap Back of the Year’: Latto Loses $100K Bid After eBay Shuts Down ‘Used Panties’ Listing That Mocked Fan Who Claimed She Wore Same Panties Twice

Latto turned lemons into lemonade after trolls critiqued her for seemingly wearing the same cheetah print panties more than once. 

The “Big Energy” rapper became a topic of conversation this week after she shared a series of photos, which showed her rocking a jean set outfit with her cheetah print underwear peeking through. 

Latto (Photo: @latto/Instagram.)

A Twitter troll who goes by @extraathique captured Latto’s image and put it side by side with an old photo of the Grammy Award-nominated artist wearing a pink Juicy Couture tracksuit with her cheetah print underwear making another appearance. 

“Can’t afford new panties?” the anonymous face behind the account wrote. 

In somewhat of a clapback, Latto replied, “Oh no, it’s the panty police.”

The discussion didn’t stop there. In a mini rant on her Instagram story, Latto set out to prove how many pairs of cheetah underwear she has by showing fans a quick glimpse of her panty drawer. 

“In light of my panty discrepancy yesterday, I’ve decided to give you guys an inside look of my panty drawer,” the 24-year-old said as she shuffled through her compartment. 

Latto panned the camera for fans to see her “stash” of cheetah print underwear. 

“Here’s the cheetah stash,” she said, while spreading them out and counting them. “That’s two, three, four. Yeah clean, umm five – look this one has a, uh brand-new tag on it, so that’s cute. And that’s just the clean ones.”

She ended her video by letting fans know that’s just one of her drawers filled with undergarments. “Mind you, I have a whole separate drawer for all things, Savage X Fenty, her Ri. But umm maybe another day, maybe another day,” she said.

In her next slide, the Columbus, Ohio-born but Georgia-raised rapper snapped a photo of her cheetah underwear laid out, suggesting, “I’m gonna wear a pair today and sell them tomorrow.”

Not too long afterward, Latto uploaded a tweet, indicating that she was auctioning off her cheetah print panties on eBay.

“Auction live on eBay since I can’t wear them twice [tear emoji],” she wrote on Twitter and Instagram.

Latto. (Photo: @latto/Instagram.)

Fans joined in on the artist’s joke as one uploaded a photo of cheetah panties, saying, “Just bought Latto’s unwashed panties,” where the rapper responded, “PLS [laughing emojis].”

Though Latto’s underwear reached nearly $100,000 on the bidding site, eBay removed her garments due to company policy.

According to, “The listing violated ‘health and hygiene standards’ under its ‘used clothing policy.'”

Nevertheless, the young artist continued to troll her haters by changing both her Instagram and Twitter icons to a photo of cheetah print panties with two eyes and a mouth.

The topic around if it’s acceptable to wear an item of clothing more than once has been one that’s made for great discussion in as many weeks. In October 2022, “Black and Yellow” rapper Wiz Khalifa spoke out about the debate on Twitter.

“That never wearing anything twice is NOT a flex,” he wrote

While it’s unclear how this specific topic became a trending conversation, it looks like Latto doesn’t care what a hater has to say; she’s going to wear whatever she wants.

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