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‘The Lion King Doesn’t Cover This Part’: Gabrielle Union Gets Real About Having ‘The Talk’ With Her Four-Year-Old After Seeing Animals ‘Mating’ During a Trip to Africa

Gabrielle Union had to have “the birds and the bees” conversation with daughter Kaavia James Wade a lot quicker than the actress might’ve imagined. 

In Monday’s episode of “The Jennifer Hudson Show,” Union was a featured guest and discussed how her birthday trip to Africa turned into a sex lesson with her 4-year-old. As the “Being Mary Jane” actress began the story, she talked of going on a safari venture with Kaavia and her husband and former basketball player Dwyane Wade, along with some family and friends.

Gabrielle Union and Kaavia James (Photo: @gabunion/Instagram.

While observing the animals in the East African country of Tanzania, the large group stumbled upon lions. “Seeing lions is very rare, right? We saw this whole pride of lions,” she said.

Union continued to note that her tour guide began sharing about how lions mate, to which she joked, “The Lion King doesn’t cover this part because then it gets, it gets a little messy.”

Revealing that lions typically have more than one lioness to mate with and that it’s rare to witness, the 50-year-old shared that it was just her luck that she and everyone on the safari witnessed the intercourse between two lions, including little Kaavia who was sitting on her mother’s lap. 

“So you see this lion get up, and kind of walk behind one of the lionesses and kind of crouch down and we’re just like, ‘Oh it looks like he’s telling her a secret’ and, it wasn’t a secret.”

Though everyone reacted ecstatically to this very rare sighting, Hollywood’s Shady Baby thought the lioness was in pain. 

“Everyone is like ‘Yes! We’re watching it happen,’ and he was a three-pump king, but umm my child was like he’s hurting her and I’m like ‘I hope not,’ ” Union continued, “But yeah we had to have the conversation.” 

Backing up her decision, the actress explained not wanting her child to watch the National Geographic channel over fear of her thinking the animals are hurting each other when they’re simply mating.

“She’s gonna watch you know, National Geographic, and be like ‘Violence! Everywhere!’ ” 

Fans found amusement in Union’s story and couldn’t contain their opinions about her having “the talk” with her toddler. 

“Not the 4-year-old [laughing emojis]”
“That’s a pretty hard story to tell a child that young especially when they see it first. You have to tell them how it works for real. I think Gabrielle told the story so funny. I enjoyed it.”

Union and Kaavia have maintained the title as one of social media followers’ favorite mother-daughter-duos, proving time and time again what having a comical but sweet bond looks like.

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