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‘Name a Better Duo’: Gabrielle Union and Kaavia James Show Off Their Matching Hairstyles, Per Kaavia’s Request

Gabrielle Union and her daughter Kaavia Union James-Wade continue to prove why they are the ultimate mommy/daughter goals relationship.

The 50-year-old actress had fans totally gushing over their incredibly adorable matching hairstyles, which was originally her 4-year-old’s idea. 

Gabrielle Union and Kaavia James @gabunion/Instagram

Both ladies rocked stitch braids that made their way into a bun with two extra braids on each side of their faces occupied by five wooden beads on each side.

“Imitation IS the best form of flattery. @kaaviajames suggested I get the same hairstyle that she got and I was honored to oblige. Twinning is winning [black hearts] Anything for her. @flawlessbygu Thank you @hairbywankaya [star emojis]” 

Union’s post reached over 270,000 likes and had over 2,000 comments, with several individuals expressing how cute they are. 

“Y’all are as cute as can be!”

“Twins! You both look so adorable!”

“Name a better duo”

Many comments even suggested that James was finally starting to look more like Union rather than her father, retired Miami Heat basketball player Dwyane Wade

“Wow, Kaavia is really starting to look like Gabrielle!”

“Kaav is starting to grow into her features [heart eyes] she looks like Gab!”

One thing followers of mom and daughter have come to expect from Union is her tendency to instill in Kaavia that whether her hair is braided, in a bun or in its natural state, it’s still beautiful. 

In July, the Shady Baby captured fans’ hearts in a 39-second Instagram video that showed her reacting to Union’s kinky curly afro by calling it “puffy.” Union responded with laughter and agreed by saying, “It’s puffy.”

In another video, Union posted in July she decided to have an open conversation about her hair with James surrounding the beauty behind it.

“Your hair grows to the sun,” Union explained in the video. 

The conversation shifted into Union speaking life into her daughter by acknowledging her beauty and the power she withholds from knowing that. 

“I want Kaav to feel beautiful and powerful in EVERY room she walks into no matter who is standing next to her. Her beauty, her power, her love, is HERS,” she wrote as part of her caption.

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