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‘How You Get Back Here?’: Earthquake Says ‘Get Out’ Actor Daniel Kaluuya ‘Dissed’ Him After He Showed Up at Private Dinner Uninvited

Earthquake dished on the time he met actor Daniel Kaluuya during an appearance on the radio show “BigBoyTV” with Kurt Alexander on Jan. 23. The comedian told Alexander that he met the actor for the first time while he was traveling in Europe.

Earthquake shared the story after he was asked about a time he was star-struck in Hollywood. The comedian thought for a moment before he replied, “I’ll tell you the last time I got the Hollywood shuffle,” he said.

Earthquake appears on “BigBoyTV” with Kurt Alexander on Jan. 23. (Photo: YouTube)

“What’s my man’s, on, the, the English actor from ‘Get Out?'” he asked before one of the hosts recalled Kaluuya’s name.

Earthquake, whose legal name is Nathaniel Martin Stroman, said that while he was in London, he met the actor and hung out with him, and even took some pictures. Stroman said that Kaluuya even told him that he was one of his favorite comedians.

Fast-forward to later, when Stroman was back in Los Angeles, he said Kaluuya dissed him while dining at a restaurant in Studio City. The comedian said a friend who knew that Stroman knew Kaluuya called him a few months ago to let him know the actor was in town at his restaurant.

“He said, uh, ‘Ya know your boy, he’s here at the restaurant, he’s in the country.’ I said, ‘He is?’ I said, ‘Man, let me go by and say hello. You know, surprise him,’” he recalled.

The 59-year-old went on to say that when he got to the restaurant, he was not exactly welcomed with open arms. “Man, Big Boy, I came through the junk. I was like, ‘Hey, how you doin?'”

Earthquake said he got the “How you get back here?” look from Kaluuya and his dining companions. He added that one of Kaluuya’s entourage asked him if he knew anyone there because nobody was supposed to be in the excluded area of the restaurant where the actor was seated.

The comedian said he thought maybe they didn’t recognize him, so he was about to introduce himself when Kaluuya coldly introduced him instead. The comedian said the actor and his friends “dissed him on purpose.”

“He was looking at me like I was a stalker or an ex-girl,” said the comedian.

“Was he funky with you?” asked Alexander. “Yeah. They was funky,” he replied. “As chitlins that’s not been cleaned.”

Apparently, Kaluuya had rented the area for a private dinner and was wondering how the comedian knew he was there. Earthquake did say that Kaluuya and his three friends were eating when he arrived. Alexander asked him if the run-in made it hard for him to watch films like “Nope” and “Get Out.”

“Oh, I stopped watchin’ all that,” he joked.

The comedian also said he does meet-and-greets as gratitude for his fans. “It’s gratitude. That these people have allowed me to live a great life, and they use their hard-earned money to come and see me, I just wanna say thank you,” he said. “And I know you got another $20,” he joked.

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