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‘People Really Felt Anger…Listen to the Whole Thing’: Gabrielle Union Hits Back at Naysayers Who Slammed Her Justifying Cheating on Her First Husband Because She Was the Breadwinner

Gabrielle Union is unbothered by the backlash her recent remarks about her cheating past garnered from critics. The actress previously explained that she felt entitled to cheat in her first marriage because she was the breadwinner.

In a new interview with “Entertainment Tonight,” the “Inspection” star hit back at the naysayers who ran with one soundbite. “If you’re gonna get your panties in a twist about something I’ve been talking about since 2005 — in not one, but two New York Times best-selling books — at least listen to the whole thing,” she told the outlet.

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Gabrielle Union. (Photo:@gabunion/Instagram.)

Union, 50, continued, “Just so you know where your anger actually is. I think people really felt anger that a woman would dare be just as dysfunctional as a man.”

She added, “Because that’s what I called it, dysfunctional and stupid.”

The no-holds-barred talent kicked off the new year, rehashing some of her personal truth bombs on the “Armchair Expert” podcast, which left plenty of people scratching their heads. At this point, the two-time author has mastered the art of using her life experiences to entertain her audience but also to shed light on how she has navigated the twists and turns of relationships and growth. Several tales that most would not dare share with the world made it to print in her memoirs, “We’re Going to Need More Wine” and “You Got Anything Stronger?” 

Yet when she revisited the topic of her first marriage to former NFL player Chris Howard in the early 2000s, the actress admitted their relationship was already marred by a lack of mutual trust and infidelity on Howard’s part prior to saying “I do.” But for Union, cheating was more or less a power move. The former lovebirds were together from 2001 to 2005. She often notes that the coupling is just one of the less-than-stellar decisions she has made in lust, like, and love. 

In short, the “Truth Be Told” star admitted that “I felt that that’s what comes, the spoils of riches. Like my dad before me, whoever has the most gets to do whatever the hell they want is what I thought.”

She caught more than her fair share of flak for the remarks that several people viewed as problematic. Even rapper 50 Cent told radio personality Big Boy that Union was on “some h– s––” for admitting to her extramarital affairs. 

The “Power” franchise co-creator said, “This is like the mentality of someone who’s a hoe because she’s saying, if you got more, got a bigger bag Big then I’ll listen. I’ll stay home,” He added, “But if the bag ain’t right, I’m out. That’s h– talk, man.”
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