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‘How Old Is This Man?’: Lil Mama Pens Sweet Message to Her Boo but Fans Express Concern about Their Possible Age Gap

Rapper and singer Niatia Jessica Kirkland, better known as Lil Mama, shocked the world on Thursday, Jan. 19, and popped out with a boo who happens to be rapper Anthony Strong, aka 5ive Mics. 

The “Shawty Get Loose” artist got really loose with her Instagram caption, writing up a lengthy message that explained why she loves her man.

“You Showed People The Love They Deserved When You Had Nothing. & Kept The Same Energy When You Made Something, Because of That, You Deserve EVERYTHING God has For You I Love You @5ive_mics.” 

Lil Mama and 5ive Mics (Pictured: @lilmama/Instagram)

At the end of her appreciation post, Lil Mama thanked her beau “For Being Fearless and Expressing Your Love For Me The Way You Do, I Appreciate it & Reciprocate”

In her upload, the New York native posted six different photos, four of which showed the lovebirds together and two others of her man by himself. 

While several fans congratulated the 33-year-old on her love life seemingly heading in a good direction, a few fans expressed concern surrounding 5ive Mics seemingly looking older than her.

“N—a pushing 50 and she in her mid 30s”

“How old is this man?”

“I thought this was her dad at first”

A few fans defended Lil Mama’s relationship, noting that when two people who are in love are both in a mature age range, the gaps shouldn’t matter. 

“Don’t matter what they age they both legal. Love is love… Young and old out here wildin out. When you find someone that know how to treat you, better get on board!!!”

“Overall happy she found happiness or that happiness found her.. Trust, age truly don’t matter, always love on the ones that’s loving on you.” 

In 2022, Lil Mama was featured on 5ive Mics’ song “Bestuy.” In the music video, they rocked matching pink jackets, ones that are seen in Lil Mama’s photo sequence from this week, as they rapped about the greatness of New York, a city they both were raised in.

5ive Mics has also uploaded numerous photos showing love to his Lil Mama in the past.

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