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‘My Son Didn’t Want to Speak to Me For Another Week: Debbie Allen Comically Explains How She Ended Up Twerking Onstage with Patti LaBelle

Debbie Allen recounts her onstage dance break where she got on all fours during Patti LaBelle’s concert at Essence Festival 2022. The choreographer, singer, and actress went viral for twerking, and the crowd went wild.

Allen was the latest guest on “The Jennifer Hudson Show” Wednesday, Jan. 18, and she revealed how her fabulously hilarious performance came to be. 

As she began to explain, Allen noted that she and her son, Norman “Thump” Nixon Jr., were front and center at the concert, watching LaBelle perform.

Debbie Allen. (Photo: @officialdadance/Instagram)

“I love Patti. I was screaming and then next thing I know her manager, bodyguard said ‘Patti wants you to come on stage,'” she stated. 

At first, Allen was not going to take the stage, “I’m like no, Thump’s like, ‘Mom, no, come on, we gonna go.'” 

However, comedian Ms. Pat saw Allen about to exit and told her, “Debbie, you better take yo ass up there, don’t you be walking out on Pattie LaBelle.”

While the Golden Globe winner admitted she had a ball, she also jokingly revealed that her 35-year-old son was close to not speaking to her.

She told Hudson, “My son didn’t want to speak to me for another week!” Allen then began imitating Nixon’s commentary when he told her, “‘Mommy, get off the stage.’ He tried to get me not to do it.”

Nixon Jr. and his mother spend a lot of time working alongside each other on ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy.” Allen has starred in the hit series as attending urologist Catherine Fox since season 8. She has also directed several episodes and became an executive producer for season 12. Her son portrayed intern James in season 13.

Although Thump didn’t want his mom showing off her moves onstage, he joined her back in May to participate in a TikTok dance trend. Several fans were surprised at Thump’s skills, if not where he gets them from.

Allen shares Thump with former NBA player Norm Nixon, and they also have one daughter, Vivian Nixon. Nixon also has another son, DeVaughn Nixon, whom Allen considers her own.

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