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‘It’s Not Your Fault Baby’: LeBron James Comically Blames Wife Savannah for Getting Their Daughter to Like ‘Ratchet’ Music

LeBron James is letting fans know that his daughter, Zhuri James, gets her taste in music from her mother, Savannah James

Zhuri Nova James
Lebron James’ daughter Zhuri Nova. (Photo: @mrs_savannahrj/Instagram)

In an Instagram story, the Los Angeles Lakers basketball player recorded his wife of nearly 10 years sitting on a sofa beside their 8-year-old daughter jamming to “Don’t Play With It” by upcoming Brooklyn rapper Lola Brooke. 

As soon as his video started, Savannah burst out in laughter while their daughter continued to nod her head to the song. 

“This is why my daughter’s ratchet, right here,” James explained while Savannah began mouthing the lyrics to the newly popular song. Meanwhile, Zhuri continued to nodding her head unanimously with the beat. 

“This is why, this is why,” James continued, panning the camera straight to his wifey. “It’s not your fault, baby. It is her fault. It is Mama,” he said before the video cut off.

“@mrs_savannahrj RACHET A%%!! SORRY Z-BEE! @allthingszhuri,” he wrote over the video.

In another clip from his Insta story, the James trio can be seen listening to the R&B tune “Spread Thin” by Mariah the Scientist. Savannah leaned away from her daughter onto a few pillows, which prompted James to jokingly say, “Look, Mama don’t wanna be next to her when she’s on that R&B smooth groove.” 

While trying to prove his point, Zhuri successfully used her upper body strength to pull her mother closer to her so they both could enjoy the song. 

Fans were heavily amused by these videos and commented on Savannah’s choice of music. 

“Savannah rocking with Lola Brooke [fire emoji]”

“Great parenting if you ask me! [laughing emoji]”

Savannah and Zhuri’s music taste isn’t the only thing they have in common. Fans have previously noticed how closely she resembles her mother. Their resemblance was brought up again in another video of Zhuri dancing beside her dance instructor to a remixed version of “I Like” by ’80s group Guy.

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