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‘Lori Is a Gift That Keeps on Giving’: Lori Harvey Shares First Video with Boyfriend Damson Idris During Birthday Dinner

One of Hollywood’s most celebrated “it” girls has turned 26 years old and shared on social media the intimate and glamorous way she brought in the next chapter of her life. She also took to social media to share more clips of her with her newly claimed Black British boyfriend, slyly showing her beau, a treat she has gone to great lengths to conceal — including by allegedly having men sign NDAs about dating her.

On the evening of Friday, Jan. 13, socialite and businesswoman Lori Harvey gathered a group of friends at a swanky restaurant to celebrate the day she entered into the world and started devastating all of Black America’s most desirable bachelors’ lives. “Snowfall” actor Damson Idris, present at the dinner party, seems to be here for all of the devastations.

Lori Harvey holding hands with Damson Idris for birthday dinner. @fashionbombdaily IG

For weeks, rumors have flooded the internet about the two being a couple, but on her birthday she gave her fans a gift, confirming he is her guy.

In her Instagram stories, social media posts that quickly dissolve into the interweb abyss after 24 hours, she posted a series of videos and pictures showing how affectionate the two are (and so did he).

Lori Harvey posts Damson Idris on her IG story. @Loriharvey/IG

A few reposts caught the blog’s attention of him snuggling up on his girl with his hands around her waist. In the top right corner, he wrote, “Happy Birthday Nunu,” punctuating the cute nickname with a red heart. In her reposts she added three white hearts.

The next picture is labeled “The Plug” and features Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter holding stacks of money on both sides of her face. Considering his show is about Los Angeles cocaine (powder and crack) drug dealers in the 1980s, the bundles she is sitting in front of probably are props from the set of his show — a show whose trailer she showcased in her Stories on her special day.

The most endearing video shows Idris across from her at the beautifully decorated dinner table. While guests like Ella Mai, Justine Skye, Elisa Johnson, and more ringed the table, she zones in on him and he, dapperly dressed in a white suit jacket and an open black shirt, smiles like she is the only one in the room.

Social media ate up the announcement of their relationship, consisting of mostly skeptics who fashion her as a maneater.

One guy posted a video of Thanos as if it were the SKN owner, tweeting, “Lori Harvey adding Damson Idris to her collection.”

Raveen Marie tweeted, “Lori Harvey isn’t dating Damson Idris.. Damson Idris is dating Lori Harvey. LETS BE CLEAR.”

One fan wrote in a comment, “Lori is a gift that keeps on giving.”

But not everyone was so critical, expressing the idea that the celebrity is young and single, and just doing what young and single people do.

“Lori Harvey just does regular dating things for a woman her age,” the person commented in one blog. “It’s just her lineup is not of the average person, which it shouldn’t be. Idk why her lifestyle have y’all in shambles like this every time.”

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