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‘Cut That S–t Off’: 50 Cent Cracks Up After DJ Plays ‘In Da Club’ During Ja Rule Concert

50 Cent continues to troll Ja Rule no matter what he does or where he goes, and he has no problem making it known how entertaining it is.

In a viral resurfaced video, Ja Rule can be seen preparing to perform at the Power 106.9 Jingle Jam in Omaha, Nebraska, last month. It shows the “Mesmerize” rapper’s team scrambling to turn off 50’s popular 2002 hit, “In Da Club,” which played during Ja’s set. 

Fans can see Ja Rule’s team run up to the mic urging the DJ to turn the tune off once the song begins playing in the 17-second clip.

“Stop this song right here,” said one of Ja Rule’s men calmly, while a second team member straight up said, “cut this s–t off!” 

To no surprise, 50 got ahold of this video and uploaded it onto his Twitter page. In his normal trolling in normal 50 Cent fashion, the 47-year-old expressed that he wish he could take credit for the mishap at Ja’s concert.

“LOL Now this is some funny s–t! I wish I had something to do with it,” Fif wrote.

50 Cent’s ability to troll his former nemesis for the past twenty-something years after their actual beef transpired easily earned him the title of “super villain,” according to some fans. 

“[laughing emojis] 50 a whole super villain.”

“50 is a menace to this day.”

“Dude still trolling him 20 years later.”

50 and Ja Rule have had one of the longest feuds in hip-hop history. But it seems the bickering will never die. In 2021, the “Power” creator uploaded an article about Ja Rule and his wife, Aisha Atkins, owing the IRS $3 million dollars. “You gotta pay your taxes fool,” 50 wrote as his caption.

Make no mistake, Ja Rule has been involved in a little bit of trolling his archenemy as well. In 2018, the G-Unit rapper was called out for buying several front-row tickets to the Murder Inc. rapper’s show. The idea was so the seat would be empty during showtime.

In an Instagram post, Ja directly told 50, “Pull up to one for a meet and greet. I dare you.” Fans apparently took those words to heart and began suggesting the two fight it out.

Ja Rule and 50 Cent’s beef began all the way back in 1999 after Ja Rule was robbed at gunpoint in Queens, New York, allegedly by people 50 associated with. According to reports, they had another run-in later at a club, where Ja was apparently hostile.

50 Cent then released a diss track aimed at Ja Rule titled “Your Life’s on the Line” in October 1999. Things began to heat up in 2000, and the artists were involved in a physical altercation while they were both at the same club in Atlanta for scheduled performances.

The violence didn’t stop there. After 50’s G-Unit crew ran into Murder Inc.’s crew, things became physical once again. The aftermath resulted in 50 getting stabbed by Murder Inc. rapper Black Child. 

Since then, the two New York natives have issued diss tracks about each other, such as Ja Rule’s “Loose Change” and “Guess Who Shot Ya’” and 50 Cent’s “Hail Mary” and “I Smell P—y.” It doesn’t look like these two have plans to quash their beef anytime soon. 

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