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Ja Rule Invites 50 Cent To a Fight and People Encourage It: ‘I Dare You’

Ja Rule just issued a challenge to 50 Cent but it wasn’t an invitation to a rap battle.

The Murder Inc. rapper recently called 50 out, after the G-Unit rapper bought a slew of tickets to Ja’s show so the front row would be empty.

“Lol. At $15 a pop you can’t lose,” wrote the G-Unit rapper earlier this week. “I got 200 tickets for 3 bands.”

Ja Rule Dared 50 Cent To Show Up At One Of His Concerts


50 also took other shots at Ja regarding his concerts.

In one photo, Fif made it seem like he was actually at Ja’s show and took up the first several rows. And in another he posted old footage of Ja and Ashanti performing, then quickly flashed to a room of empty concert seats.

After the ribbing, Ja seemingly had enough and asked to see 50 face to face.

“Hey genius @50cent, make sure you keep buying tix to all my shows. Your support is appreciated,” wrote Ja. “Oh, and if you get a chance, pull up to one for a meet and greet. I dare you.”

The show Ja invited 50 to will take place in San Antonio, Texas on Nov. 4. So far 50 hasn’t responded but others did and they seem eager to have the two rappers duke it out.

“Yo when is the fight?” one person asked. “Y’all just need to square up for the one time and kill all this foolishness. Lol. I’ll buy seats to that for sure.”

“This sh– been going on since the early 2000,” wrote another.”But this is the first time they ever said pull up. Do it already.”

Others fully believe that 50 will take Ja up on his offer and head to his show. By the end of this weekend, we’ll know if that happened or not.

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