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‘He Brought It from Left Field, Down South Georgia on Puffy’: Keith Murray Claims He Witnessed Suge Knight Slap the ‘Dog S—‘ Out of Diddy

Keith Murray is known to share his outlandish hip-hop tales, and fans are eating up his latest offering of salacious, animated, and unverified events.

The “Get Lifted” emcee previously made headlines when his interview with the “Art of Dialogue” set the stage for him to detail his alleged sexual encounters with rappers Foxy Brown and Shawnna. Both women have denied any past dalliances with the former Def Jam artist, despite his very graphic and explicit recollection garnering huge reactions on social media.

“N—- ain’t pop since I shot ya,” wrote Brown when she responded to the hoopla on her Instagram Story, as reported by HipHopDX. Shawnna responded as well but issuing a warning to his fans lurking on her Instagram page. “If y’all here bc of Keith, you can gone back home. I know you leaf heads stick together,” she wrote with three laughing emojis. “Goofy b—–, I coulda agreed, you dumb mf.”

Keith Murray
Keith Murray. Photo: Art of Dialogue/YouTube

Heads turned again during another part of Murray’s viral interview that was shared on Instagram. This time, his storytelling involved two of hip-hop’s most prominent label founders, Bad Boy Records founder Sean “Diddy” Combs and Death Row Records founder Suge Knight. The Yonkers lyricist described a random night he was out partying with Diddy, Knight, and others at the Platinum House nightclub when things took an unexpected turn. Murray claimed it happened years ago, likely in the ’90s when both labels were considered rivals in the East Coast versus West Coast rap beef.

“It got late, and the night dispersed. Then all of a sudden…I’m outside,” he began, noting he was standing outside the club with Eric Sermon and friends. “I’m outside, and then I noticed, ‘Yo, there’s a f—– dead body right there in the front of the Platinum House!’ he exclaimed. “Wait, it wasn’t a dead body. It was a story. But it was Puffy and Suge. Then Suge was like, ‘Yo, you alright? You alright?’”

Murray then claimed he saw Knight “smack the dog s— out of Puffy.” He continued, “I’m like, ‘Oh, s—, this is crazy!’ Puffy, like, paused, looked at me. Then Puffy was like, ‘Yo, that’s what I get for being too nice. … I’m being too nice.’ And he looked at me, and Suge was standing there. I was like, yo, this is sick.”

The 48-year-old said Diddy would have no problem with him sharing this old tale because “he know and I know it happened.”

“I seen Suge Knight. He brought it from left field, down South Georgia on Puffy,” continued Murray as he reenacted the alleged incident. He alleges Suge’s aggression came from dealing with the death of another friend at the time.

Social media users had a field day reacting to the clip in the comments of the Art of Dialogue’s Instagram post.

“I don’t know who tell stories better Keith Murray or Fat Joe! I love hearing both of them talk about hip hop events.”

“This guy gotta be in the top 5 storytellers in hip hop now.”

“We need him on DRINK CHAMPS!!!”

“Your mans came out the gate fabricating, talkin about a dead body in the front of the club then turned around & said it was a story cut the BS Keith go have several seats.”

Diddy and Suge were two rising music executives in the mid-1990s. The two were constantly pitted against each other, and hip-hop heads recall Knight taking aim at Diddy as he accepted the Best Motion Picture Soundtrack Award at the 1995 Source Awards.

“One thing I’d like to say. Any artist out there that wanna be an artist, and wanna stay a star, and won’t have to worry about the executive producer trying to be all in the videos, all on the records, dancing  —  come to Death Row!” said Knight during his acceptance speech.

At the time, Diddy was known for making appearances in his artists’ music videos. The billionaire mogul claims he addressed Knight about his comments at a party. He also revealed that Knight’s aggression that night was actually directed at So So Def’s founder, Jermaine Dupri.

“So when I ran up and asked him, he said, ‘Nah, I was talking about Jermaine Dupri,” said Diddy on “Drink Champs” in 2016. “At that point, I was scared because I know the wolves that was with me. They was like real-life wolves.”

The New York native called it “the scariest situation of my life because of the level of power we had.” He said, “I’m from Harlem. I don’t want no violence, no danger, none of that s—. So I put it in my head … it gave me a reason for my ego to walk away.”

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