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‘Looks Like Her Dad With Her Mom’s Eyes’: Fans Love Tracee Ellis Ross’ Relationship with Her Dad and Point Out Their Similar Personalities

Tracee Ellis Ross went all out with her birthday posts for the 77th birthday of her father, Robert Ellis Silberstein. The actress uploaded several comical videos showing fans what a typical father/daughter adventure looks like. 

Robert Ellis Silberstein and Trace Ellis Ross @traceeellisross/Instagram

In one of Ross’ videos, her father is attempting to receive a turkey sample while at the deli store, however, his approach caused Ross to say, “She can’t just pass it to you; it’s illegal. Get your hands out of the glass.”

Before the video ended, fans could see Silberstein successfully receive his sample while his daughter said in a. giggly manner, “He’s gotta get his protein in.” 

In another upload, Ross recorded her father as he prepared to go to the gym. 

“You’re very fit.” Ross said. 

“Thank you.” Silberstein replied before they both fell into synchronized laughter. 

“Happy birthday Dad!! Here’s to many more turkey shots at the deli counter [laughing emoji] [heart emoji] Love you!!” the hair-care guru wrote as her caption.

For her second post, Ross uploaded a video where her father comically explained accidentally paying around $800 for their dinner and being given a $10 coupon from the restaurant as an apology for Silberstein’s “inconvenience.”

Noting that he had no desire to use the coupon, the music executive said, “I’m going back to New York, so I tried to sell it to Tracee for $5.00.”

Laughter quickly filled the car from both Ross and Silberstein.

“Dad, I can’t believe you tried to sell me a coupon [laughing emoji] HBD BOB LUV U!” Ross wrote.

Silberstein’s dry humor prompted fans to comment under Ross’ post, writing that they finally understand where she gets her quirky mannerisms

“The moment you realize Tracee acts just like her dad lol they definitely have the same mannerisms.” 

“I think she looks like her dad with her mom’s eyes.”

“Y’all are like twins with the facial expressions.”

“So now we know where Tracee gets her silliness from!”

“Everything about your humor makes sense when we get to see you two together” 

Ross and her father seem to have a tight relationship. In 2021 the “black-ish” star tugged on fans’ heartstrings after documenting their overdue reunion.

Ross had not been able to embrace her father since the COVID-19 pandemic began, therefore making this reunion even more special. 

“I finally got to see my dad @bobellis333. Oh what a hug that was,” she wrote as part of her caption on Instagram. 

Ross’ video received over 1.9 million plays with over 300,000 Instagram likes.

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