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‘As Soon as Pretty Vee Confirm Their Relationship Here Come the Bm’: Rick Ross Ices Mother of Three of His Children with a Diamond Necklace, Fans Bring Up His Rumored Girlfriend Pretty Vee

‘Isn’t He With Vee?’: Rick Ross Buy Briana Camille A Diamond Necklace For Taking Care of Their Three Kids, Fans bring up His Rumored Girlfriend, Pretty Vee

Earlier this month, comedienne Pretty Vee seemingly confirmed in an interview that she was dating rapper Rick Ross. She went on and on, doting about her appreciation for the things she’s learned from the Miami boss and her attraction to him. But now fans are raising their eyebrows after a viral video of him and his ex and the mother of three of his children, Brianna Camille. The former couple began dating in 2016 and broke up in 2020 months after the birth of their youngest son, Bliss Roberts.

Briana Camile receives a diamond necklace from Rick Ross for taking care of their children, a daughter, Berkeley and sons, Billion, and Bliss. @therealbrianacamille/Instagram

On Tuesday, Dec. 20, Camille shared a video of Ross’ hands placing a diamond necklace around her neck. The audio is sketchy, but you can hear her mention that she hasn’t received a necklace since the last one he bought her.

She continued laughing and flexing her new expensive neck piece in the video. Ross revealed his face toward the end. “This just my baby daddy. Thank you, baby daddy,” said Camille as Ross kissed her on the cheek.

Over the video, she wrote, “Give me my roses and hearts while I’m here! These kids be kicking my butt! Fresh start, just figuring out this co-parenting thing. Ps, u still ain’t getting none, so don’t even think about it. @richforever.”

Camille’s video was also shared on The Shade Room’s Instagram page, where fans in the comments section were displeased with the clip and Ross. The majority brought up Pretty Vee, suggesting that Camille was being messy for sharing it in the first place.

“This is weird and she knew what she was doing with that comment. isn’t he with Vee?”

“As soon a pretty vee confirm their relationship here come the bm.”

“This is weird. She knew exactly what she was doing…”

“Where vee at? Cause that last part was totally uncalled for.”

“If you were his gf would you feel like she was doing this to be smart? Is this co-parenting or boundary crossing on both ends since he’s in a relationship?”

Camille appears unbothered by Ross’ new relationship, as she’s more focused on building a healthy co-parenting relationship. Their daughter, Berkley Hermes, was born in September 2017, followed by their first son, Billion, in November 2018. Baby boy Bliss was born in August 2020.

In the trailer for her show, “Getting Back to Bri,” the 39-year-old detailed the drama between her and the CEO of Maybach Music Group. She discussed their “complicated situation, revealing plans to cover up a tattoo of Ross’ face on her stomach. She also mentioned receiving denial letters from his insurance company and her battle with postpartum depression after their second son.

“Maybe I could have possibly been going through postpartum with Billion. I really don’t want to be bothered with my kids right now,” Camille told her makeup artist. “Like, I don’t know. I should be wanting to bond with the baby, but it’s like…I just really can’t.”

The “Getting Back to Bri” trailer was released in October 2021, a month after Ross was ordered to pay $11,000 a month in child support for all three children. According to documents obtained by TMZ, he is also responsible for the kids’ health insurance and any extracurricular expenses. He also agreed to cover her legal fees and pay her attorney $25,000.

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