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Who Is Shawntya Joseph? Here’s All We Know About Diddy’s New Boo

Diddy’s name has made numerous headlines this past week. As if leaving fans in utter shock on Dec. 10 after announcing the birth of his daughter, Love Sean Combs, on Twitter wasn’t enough, the rapping mogul had fans speechless after being spotted out in New York holding hands with a mystery woman just three days following his announcement. Many people want to know: Who Is Shawntya Joseph?

Paparazzi snapped photos that were first published by The Daily Mail of Diddy and the woman which showed them comfortably matching in all-black outfits. Diddy was seen in a black puffer jacket with black slacks and black sneakers, while his companion wore an all-black turtleneck top along with black leather pants, chunky black boots and a black bucket hat.

Questions such as “Who is this woman?” “What does she do?” “How old is she?” quickly erupted across social media. Well, luckily for readers, Atlanta Black Star gathered up all the necessary information to fill in the blank spaces. Here’s what we know. 

Who is Shawntya Joseph?

Shawntya Joseph. (Photo: @shawntyaaaaa/Instagram)

While Shawntya Joseph, who also goes by Sarah, is not well known, we have discovered that she’s an Instagram model, fashion designer, and YouTuber who has 121,000 followers on Instagram and 1.66K YouTube subscribers. 

To date, Joseph only has three videos up on her YouTube channel, where she gives fans fashion tips, shows fans her everyday life routine, and shares updates on what has been keeping her busy.

Where Is Shawntya Joseph From?

While Joseph’s mother is Guyanese and her father is Panamanian, the entrepreneur is from the United States. In her first YouTube video Joseph shares that she’s never visited Panama but wants go in the near future. While she’s never been to Panama, Joseph has been to Ghana, she even got stuck there for six months during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“I felt very at peace there, I loved it there honestly.” She shared.

Fans can continue to keep up with Joseph’s lifestyle by following her Instagram account @shawntyaaaaa or by subscribing to her YouTube channel “Shawntya Joseph.” 

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