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‘Look at His Face’: Tamar Braxton Comically Serenades Tevin Campbell with His Own Song ‘Can We Talk’

Fans couldn’t get enough of Tamar Braxton serenading Tevin Campbell with his own song “Can We Talk” in a Cincinnati, Ohio club. 

A video dropped on Friday, Dec. 9 that showed both Braxton and Campbell side by side as total opposite reactions to his song being played. 

Tamar Braxton and Tevin Campbell @tevincampbell/Instagram

Campbell was seen smoothly nodding his head to the tune of his song while drinking Wycliff Brut Rose California Champagne straight out of the bottle, and Braxton could be seen grooving to her own made-up dance moves as she lip-synced Campbell’s song into a Fiji water bottle with a red drink inside. 

“Them being friends is cute to see” @rmlundyjr on Twitter captioned the video. 

The surprising duo’s amusing video received over 19,000 likes, over 1,900 retweets and over 1,200 tweets from fans who noted how refreshing it was to see the two beloved artists in good spirits

“Could you imagine them 2 on a 90’s duet? [heart eyes] omg”

“OMG look at his face,” one fan posted.

“All of this is a vibe!! @TamarBraxtonHer giving @tevincampbelll the finger [laughing emoji] Tevin smiling as the room was jammin to his s–t. The entire room was singing his s–t. And the simple fact that this song will forever be the s–t!!! Just all of it #CanWeTalk #Iconic

“Im a #tamartian and I love Tevin Campbell what a beautiful friendship”

Braxton even joined in on the love and quote tweeted the video, stating, “We had a iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii me @tevincampbelll

Braxton and Campbell are both a part of the “R&B Music Experience” tour, along with other R&B artists such as Monica, H-Town and more. 

The group of popular legends began traveling to different cities on Oct. 1 where they continue to sing their most popular hits as well as new singles to new fans and loyal fans who’ve been riding for them since the ’90s. The next city they plan on hitting up is Charlotte, North Carolina, on Thursday, Dec. 15 for a night to create more extravagant memories.

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