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‘We Say Stuffing. Dressing is What I Put on My Salad’: Gabrielle Union Has Fans Cracking Up After Correcting Jake Gyllenhaal’s Terms for Thanksgiving Dishes, Fans Join In On the Fun

Gabrielle Union’s recent appearance on “Good Morning America” has fans laughing and applauding her for being unapologetically Black.

Gabrielle Union on Good Morning America Set (Screenshot from Youtube)

Actors Union and Jake Gyllenhaal showed fans their different Thanksgiving Day food choices during a rapid-fire “this or that” game on “Good Morning America.” Union and Gyllenhaal joined hosts George Stephanopoulos, Robin Roberts and T.J. Holmes Monday, Nov. 21, to discuss their upcoming movie, “Strange World.” 

Well, things got a little strange for Union, who was seemingly taken aback by some of the Thanksgiving-themed questions that were asked during the game. 

When Holmes asked if marshmallows belonged in sweet potatoes, the 50-year-old incorrectly corrected him saying, “Yams and marshmallows yes.” (Yams and sweet potatoes are different vegetables.)

Another rapid question surrounded the type of pie that is served during dessert and whether the pie is preferred to be pumpkin or pecan. 

Showing no hesitation, Gyllenhaal blurted, “Oh, pecan pie!” 

Union, on the other hand, added her own answer stating, “Sweet potato, I don’t think we do pumpkin.” 

Fans who caught the interview live or on social media were bursting at the seams with laughter at Union’s responses and her many facial expressions every time she corrected Holmes’ and Gyllenhaal’s food terms.

“She was confused, I love how she kept correcting them”

“I was watching it and dying! She went black on everything lol blackity black!”

“She said WE don’t do pumpkin, more like sweet potato”

Some fans even commented on their own preferred dishes during Thanksgiving and if they agree with Unions answers. 

“Marshmallows on yams is a heavy no for me”

“I don’t even know what pumpkin pie tastes like” 

A third person commented, “We say stuffing. Dressing is what I put on my salad.”

Food might be a reason as to why folks love Thanksgiving so much, but the true meaning surrounds family coming together.

Who knows, maybe after all that delicious food folks will be able to enjoy the rest of their day at the movie theaters to watch Union’s newest film, “Strange World,” which is scheduled to be released Nov. 23, 2022.

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