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Here’s What Tami Roman Did After She Was Forced to Quit Her Finance Job to Star in ‘Basketball Wives’: ‘I Sure Didn’t Make it Easy for Someone to Step into My Role’

Tami Roman recently claimed she purposely sabotaged her former employer, Morgan Stanley, after being forced to choose between the finance firm and her budding career as a reality television star.

Here's What Tami Roman Did After She Was Forced to Quit Her Finance Job to Star in 'Basketball Wives': 'I Sure Didn't Make it Easy for Someone to Step into My Role'
Tami Roman claims she erased all of a finance firm’s files and stole their keys after she was forced to quit the job for appearing on VH1’s “Basketball Wives.” @theshaderoom/Instagram

Although the exact timeline of when the event occurred is unknown, Roman shared her story on Nov. 7 in “The Shade Room” comment section as the social media blog uploaded a post about former employees shutting down company systems after being terminated.

The 52-year-old disclosed that the company she previously worked for before starring in Vh1’s “Basketball Wives” in 2010 gave her an ultimatum. Roman claimed she was forced to choose between her position at Morgan Stanley or continue to do reality television.

She said, “The finance firm I worked for told me I couldn’t continue to do BBW & work for them, so the day before season 3 aired, I quit.”

Roman added that she made it difficult for her replacement to do their job because prior to leaving the firm’s building, she took files, office keys, erased all of her work on the computer, and “bounced.”

The mother of two said,” [I] took all my files, my key card, office keys, erased all my work off the computer, all the executive’s calendars & files and bounced. I sure didn’t make it easy for someone to step into my role (laughing emoji). I’m sorry.”

As fans viewed Roman’s response, many expressed how petty the actress was.

“Now THAT is petty boots! That’s what they get.”

“Lmao Queen of petty and I love it. HAHAHAHA.”

“So you been Petty huh?”

“We know your a– Petty.”

Among the previous comments, others brought up how Roman’s actions could have potentially hurt the company and her replacement. One wrote, “Damn, so you didn’t even do anything that affected the firm. You just made the new person’s onboarding a nightmare.”

Another said, “You didn’t even hurt Management, u f–ked over a new employee.” A third social media user stated, “Not cleared the calendar. They probably still missing appointments to this day.”

In the past, Roman, who previously starred in 1993’s “The Real World: Los Angeles,” talked about the struggles she faced before returning to reality television in 2010 with “Basketball Wives” during an October interview with “The Breakfast Club.”

When asked how she got to the lowest point in her life, Roman shared she was provided an acting opportunity in New Jersey for a show called “Wifey,” but the series would ultimately get canceled.

She said on mark 3:02, “I was doing a show that was executive produced by Queen Latifah and Shakim [Compere] and it was a VH1-BET hybrid co-production show called ‘Wifey’ and they picked up the show. I picked up and moved my whole family to Jersey. Then they couldn’t figure out their deal and just canceled the show.”

Roman claimed that she was stuck in New Jersey after spending all her savings to move her family there, so she decided to get a job at a finance firm called Morgan Stanley. She said, “I was stuck here in Jersey and my kids already enrolled in school and everything and I literally used all my savings to move across country and you know get everything set up here.”

Following Roman’s statement, when asked how she got out of the financial crisis, she said, “I started working at Morgan Stanley and I was on the train one day this lady was like, ‘Oh my God I just watched you.’ I had a show called ‘Moonlight’ that just gotten canceled.”

She added while continuing to mimic the unidentified woman’s voice that asked about her career, “‘I just watched you on TV last night. What are you doing on a train?’… Then I thought about it like, ‘Why am I on the train? Like, what is going on, Tami? Like you are just settling for this moment in your life.’ So I went home that weekend and saw ‘Basketball Wives’ the first season, and I was like, ‘damn, I was a basketball wife, I’m going to call them and see if I can get up on there.’”

Roman finished her statement by saying after viewing the first season of “Basketball Wives,” she called VH1 and became a star in the show in season 2.

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