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‘He Still Doesn’t Get It’: Kanye West Slammed for ‘Tone-Deaf’ Apology for George Floyd Comments, Rapper Later Takes Aim at the Mother of Floyd’s Daughter

Kanye West’s storm of anti-Semitic remarks and conspiracy theories surrounding George Floyd’s death at the hands of police officers in May 2020 appears subdued after the “Donda” emcee attempted to sympathize and apologize to the family of Floyd. West recently falsely suggested fentanyl played a role in the 46-year-old’s passing. The comments came after multiple companies, including Vogue, GAP, and Adidas, severed ties with the rapper.

In a press conference with paparazzi Friday night, October 28, captured by Consequence, the 24-time Grammy Award-winner attempted to apologize for his recent comments about Floyd and his death: “When I see that video as a Black person, it hurts my feelings,” the 46-year-old, who has legally changed his name to Ye, began. 

?He Still Doesn?t Get It?: Kanye West Slammed for ?Tone-Deaf? Apology for George Floyd Comments, Rapper Later Takes Aim at the Mother of Floyd's Daughter
LOS ANGELES, CA – OCTOBER 28: Kanye West aka Ye is seen on October 28, 2022 in Los Angeles, California (Photo by MEGA/GC Images)

“And I know that police do attack [sic] and that America is generally racist. And I understand that when we got to say, Black Lives Matter, the idea of it made us feel good together as a people,” he added. “Now, afterwards there was some things where the money went in order to push us to the Democratic vote.”

“So when I questioned the death of George Floyd, it hurt my people,” he continued. “I want to apologize. Because God has showed me by what Adidas is doing, by what the media is doing, I know what it feels to have a knee on my neck right now. So thank you, God for humbling me and letting me know how it really felt. Because how could the richest Black men ever be humbled other than to be made to not be a billionaire in front of everyone off a comment.”

However, many critics online appeared to reject the gesture, with some calling the attempt insensitive, including one Twitter user who wrote, “His reply is so tone deaf. Losing a multi million dollar deal doesn’t compare to being murdered by the police. And since his supporters are saying ‘Ye is doing a strategy to get out of the deals’ then he don’t mean it.”

Another person added, “Sort of like a daredevil attempting to jump the Grand Canyon. He definitely jumped, but he sure as s–t didn’t make it.”

A third person remarked, “He still doesn’t get it.” Some argued West had no room to compare himself to Floyd. “Kanye is alive and did this to himself. George is dead and was murdered. Not remotely the same thing,” a fourth person commented.

While the full interview has been redacted from the now-posted show, during his second appearance on “Drink Champs” podcast with rapper N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN that aired on YouTube and Revolt TV on Saturday, Oct. 15, West claimed “If you look, the guy’s knee wasn’t even on his neck… like that,” in reference to the cellphone footage that captured the last moments of the victim’s life.

As many critics pointed out West’s apology comes after his professional relationships and empire, which includes music, fashion and tennis shoes, took several blows over the last few weeks for remarks he made– most strikingly, claims that Floyd died as a result of fentanyl.

Soon after, the mother of George Floyd’s daughter Roxie Washington filed a $250 million defamation lawsuit against the designer for spewing “malicious falsehoods” on behalf of her daughter.

Not long after Ye apologized to the family, he sent a direct message to Washington and accused her of being greedy in a now-deleted Instagram post.

“Now for Roxie Washington and Roxie Washington ALONE,” the rapper started. “I gave 2 million dollars out of my pocket for the family. To help George’s daughter…Your daughter!”

“I can guarantee that most of those that came for me after my comments didn’t do what I did! Even those with millions of dollars in the bank!

“How much did BLM give???? He added, “Many gave words. I ACTED.”

He then suggested that she only cared about the money and brought up his recent loses in business.

“Now because of words you want to sue me for 250 million dollars…”

“…when I’m going through an Economic lynching. A Digital Lynching. A Social Credit Score bankrupting. You’re either being controlled or you’re being greedy…”

He ended his post by saying “God don’t like ugly” and poked fun at what she was wearing in the photo he posted of her.

West appears to be trying to mend other relationships after taking to his Instagram account while he’s “still allowed on Mark Zuckerberg platform”  demanding to “see the contracts.” In a memo statement posted to his page, the rapper wrote, “Let’s see the contracts / The film contracts / The sports contracts / The music contracts / The mortgages,” he wrote using a poetry form.

He added. “Let’s see the contracts/ So we can or better yet will do better business/ I’ve been beat to a pulp and there’s still no accountability.”

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