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‘Let Little Black Girls be Little Black Girls’: Fans Race to Teyana Taylor’s Defense After Critics Slam Her for Allowing Daughter to Wear Her Clothes

Fans of singer, dancer and actress Teyana Taylor are rushing to her defense after trolls called the multi-talented star out for allowing her daughter Junie, whom she shares with former NBA star Iman Shumpert, to participate in a recent high-fashion photo shoot. 

On Friday, Oct. 21, the “Bare Wit Me” singer shared a gallery of photos to her Instagram account, some of which include her highly talented 6-year-old. In one snap, Junie appeared wearing a metallic mini skirt and white top; the look was finished off with what looked like a black cropped jacket and high-heel boots as she stood shoulder to shoulder with the famous mommy kneeling next to her. 

Let Little Black Girls be Little Black Girls': Fans Race to Teyana Taylor's Defense After Critics Slam Her for Allowing Daughter to Wear Her Clothes
Teyana Taylor and daughter Junie. Photo: @teyanataylor/ Instagram

Fans race to Teyana Taylor’s (R) defense after critics slam her for allowing daughter Junie (L) to wear her clothes

According to Teyana, “the one & only @gottalovejunie who was not originally apart of the shoot but ram sacked MY wardrobe, walked on set & told @jackwaterlotstudio to ‘SHOOT.’”  However, “when it was time for me [Teyana] to come to set she still wouldn’t move so I just posed next to her & got in where I fit in…,” the 31-year-old added.  “She looked at me….then she proceeded to EAT ME UP at my own shoot per usual. ICONIC. THE END.”

Fans gushed over the adorable mommy-daughter moment as many showered the little star in the making with uplifting words of affirmation. However, not everyone was amused, as some felt it was inappropriate for Junie to appear alongside her mother, who sported a sexier look. 

One critic left a less-than-favorable comment: “Let little black girls be little black girls in all their bows, beads, glitter, and sparkles glory.” Another person added, “She’s a child dressed like an adult posed to her mother whose dressed like a stripper on her day off.” That person added, “What happened to letting little black girls be little girls?”

Although that particular remark only received a handful of likes, many fans of Teyana were quick to jump to her defense, including one supporter who left a lengthy message for folks who took issues with the picture. 

“Junie is a little black girl. She also lives the life that none of us know much about and that’s being the daughter of a celebrity!” that person wrote. “She wanted to join her mother in her photo shoot and there’s nothing wrong with that! Now if she were dressed like this daily, I would understand what you’re saying. But in a photo in her mom’s clothes and shoes?? I don’t see anything wrong! ”

A fourth person noted, “I love that they put her in her mama’s heels lol. What little girl never strutted down the hall in her mama’s heels lol.”

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