Fans React After Marlon Wayans Shared That He Quit Stand-Up Comedy for 20 Years After Chris Rock Heckled Him Onstage: ‘You Didn’t Know Your Audience?’

Marlon Wayans recalled why he took a 20-year break from stand-up comedy following an incident with Chris Rock.

Rock reportedly heckled Wayans as a teenager while performing his set onstage. The event involved Rock laughing and making rude comments about Wayans’ act and his lack of jokes. Wayans, who has been a part of the entertainment industry for over three decades, revealed during an Oct. 18 interview on “Sway’s Universe,” that despite the success he obtained in his career overall, it took time to perfect his skills in stand-up comedy.

Marlon Wayans reveals that he stopped doing stand-up comedy for years after Chris Rock heckled him. Photo:@sway’suniverse/YouTube

When asked about the years-long gaps, or “dip” he took in his career as a stand-up comedian, Wayans said at the 2:16 mark of the interview: “It wasn’t a dip. It took time right? I started late when I first started. I started at 16 then I stopped then I did it again at 18 and I did it like three or four times then I stopped. Then I did again at 19 and I did it maybe 50 times and then Chris Rock heckled me and I quit for 20 years.”

Following that revelation, Wayans disclosed he was able to build up the courage to pick up the mic once again at 39 and has been on a roll ever since.

While discussing a new special he paid out of pocket for with his own money, Wayans said, “I got back on stage about when I was like 39 and after that I just kept going at it and at first you are not as funny as you want to be but now I’m in the zone, in the jello. I got a special I just filmed out of pocket. You know you good when you start paying for stuff. You know what I mean when you start paying for your own stuff.”

He added, “There’s one thing when a white man want to pay; you’d be like ‘gotcha sucker.’ But when it’s your money you think differently. Performance is different. So for this one I put up my own money and it’s called ‘God Loves Me.’ “

As Wayans’ remarks began circulating online, many expressed how shocked they were that “The White Chicks” star decided to give up on his dreams as a comedian for 20 years. One individual even applauded Wayans for returning to the stage.

“I’ve seen Marlon’s stand up and he is hilarious, I’m glad he went back to comedy!”

“I can’t believe that Marlon Wayans quits comedy because of Chris Rock heckling him and everything.. That’s Crazy…”

“Damn… 20 years?”

“You didn’t know your audience? I thought you were quite a good actor/comedian.”

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