‘Why the Hell You Do Something Like That?’: Kelly Rowland Shares Tina Knowles’ Hilarious Reaction to a ‘Bad Parenting Moment’ She Had with Her Older Son

Grammy Award-winning singer and actress Kelly Rowland is getting candid about the good and the wrong side of parenting, including what some of the more veteran parents had to say about how she handles her two adorable boys.

During an appearance on Jenifer Hudson’s eponymous daytime talk show on Monday, Oct. 17, the former Destiny’s Child member spoke about a “bad parenting moment” she had when she took her son Titan to see the comedy horror film “The Curse of Bridge Hollow” starring herself and comedian Marlon Wayans.  

“I thought since I’m sitting right there with him, we’re fine,” Rowland told Hudson. “But there’s a scene in the movie where mommy looks like she’s about to go to the other side, and basically Titan goes, ‘Mommy!’ Like it was a whole release.”

Rowland explained that the experience was a bit much for her 7-year-old to handle. “I was like. ‘Yo, I’m right here, I’m right here. I’m not going nowhere,’ and he was like, ‘No.’ It was a whole moment,” she said. 

Needing another perspective on the situation, the “Freddy vs. Jason” actress later went to visit Tina Knowles, mommy to award-winning daughters Beyoncé and Solange Knowles. However, her reaction wasn’t the one Rowland was expecting. 

“She’s like, ‘Well, why the he– you do something like that?’ She didn’t understand why I even showed him the movie,” the songwriter explained. “She’s like, ‘It’s Halloween, baby. You don’t do that.’ So I missed the mark!”

Rowland isn’t shy about her journey and the different techniques she’s learned, like gentle parenting. In a recent interview, the singer said,  “I love it,” but admitted, “some of it makes sense to me, and some of it doesn’t, and I respect it though because what general parenting is trying to do is break the generational curse of talking at your kids and making them feel seen and respected.”

The veteran entertainer is mommy to Titan and Noah, whom she shares with Tim Weatherspoon. The two reportedly began dating around 2011, and tied the knot three years later. The two had a small and intimate destination wedding in Costa Rica.

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