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‘OPRAH AND TYLER I LOVE Y’ALL TOO’: Mo’Nique Shares Scathing Post Detailing How She Felt Betrayed by Oprah Winfrey

Years have passed since Mo’Nique accused Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry and Lee Daniels of blackballing her in the entertainment industry after the fallout surrounding the film “Precious.”

While she and Daniels reconciled this past spring, after going 13 years without speaking to each other, the same has not quite happened for Mo’Nique and Winfrey or Mo’Nique and Perry. And based on recent Instagram posts regarding how she feels about the moguls, fans are drawing their own conclusions about whether love may have displaced some of her hurt. 

In her caption for the posts, she wrote, “If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this video was worth a million to me. My deepest gratitude to the individuals who made this piece and for accurately stating the facts.”

The Oscar-winning actress shared video clips that were a medley of her various interviews discussing her fallout with Winfrey and Perry from over a decade ago; one of which is the 2010 interview Winfrey had with Gerald Imes, the comedian’s brother.

When he appeared on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” he admitted that he sexually abused his sister when she was as young as seven. “I abused and betrayed the trust of another sibling, my sister, my blood sister. I’m sorry, Mo’Nique. I’m sorry,” he said.

In another past interview featured in the posts, Mo’Nique sat down with Barbara Walters. “The Parkers” star said Winfrey reached out to her before Imes’ episode was taped. But the actress added that Winfrey allegedly neglected to inform her that her mother would also sit down for an interview with Winfrey; otherwise, she would have told the host to scrap the show. The televised interview with Imes and his mother is part of the reason Mo’Nique has especially felt betrayed by Winfrey. 

Despite the video dealing with a controversial period of time in her life — Mo’Nique revealed she and Perry have spoken about their fallout and that some efforts were made to make amends earlier this year — she still chose to write, “I LOVE US 4REAL. OPRAH AND TYLER I LOVE Y’ALL TOO.”

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