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‘Missy Said I’m Gonna Teach Y’all How to be Great’: Missy Elliott Shares Her Rise to Fame and the Importance of Leadership Following Recent Drama Between Rap Girls

Missy Elliott stepped onto Twitter and reminded fans how she rose to fame as well as highlighting the importance of leadership.

The Grammy-winning rapper wrote, “Always been a leader! When I got signed I fought for my brothers @timbaland & Magoo. I took a chance & told the label I can’t do a album without them… so they flew them up & they got signed and the World witnessed their greatness the rest is HERSTORY”

Missy Elliott. (Photo: @missymisdemeanorelliott/Instagram_

Fans congratulated Missy for her honorable impact in the rap game as an artist and even expressed gratitude for her supporting those around her. 

“Missy said I’m gonna teach y’all how to be great!”

“This is how you do it. And look at y’all now! Loyalty is everything! Missy is so dope!”

“This is the type of attitude to have honestly. Why can’t everybody eat? The bread ain’t yours to begin with”

Missy’s act of leadership is an important tool that female rap is in need of, especially now after recent drama has come onto the scene. 

On Oct. 13 fans were left refreshing their Twitter feed every couple of seconds after icon Nicki Minaj began going back and forth with “Wheelie” rapper Latto

The argument sparked after the Grammy nominations were revealed, which showed Minaj’s newest single, “Super Freaky Girl” removed from the rap category and placed in the pop category. 

While explaining the reasoning why this shouldn’t have happened on Instagram Live, Minaj suggested that Latto’s smash hit “Big Energy,” which features Mariah Carey on the remix, be placed in the pop category as well. 

Shade was thrown, words were exchanged, and receipts were posted showing both ladies‘ previous conversations with each other. 

This argument was just another altercation that was added onto the lists of Twitter beefs that happened in October. When the month was introduced, words of fire began to be spewed by Grammy winner Cardi B and “City Girls” member JT

Their altercation stemmed from JT responding to a tweet the “I Like It” rapper posted that was apparent shade toward the “Act Up” artist.

With all the drama going on between top names in the female rap game, Missy wanted fans to know to always be a leader and put your people on. 

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