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‘That Wasn’t Viola Davis That Said That That Was Annalise Keating’: Viola Davis ‘Hot Ones’ Appearance Derails When This Happens 

Viola Davis had a few words for “Hot Ones” host Sean Evans following the actress‘ recent appearance on the hit YouTube show.

Hot Ones,” which first premiered on the platform in 2015, is a series where Evans asks his celebrity guests random questions about their life and career as they attempt to eat a round of chicken wings coated in various spicy sauces. Past guests have included Tracee Ellis Ross, Idris Elba, Michael B. Jordan and Keke Palmer. 

During Davis’ Oct. 13 appearance, the 57-year-old could get through a few rounds of chicken wings until she encountered a plate at 16:47 mark of the appearance. The plate featured chicken wings with a spicy sauce called Da Bomb. As Davis nibbled on the chicken wing, the “Woman King” star glared at Evans as he said, “I know, immediately. Nothing redeemable about it.”

After coughing and taking a sip of water, Davis said,”Nobody’s ever whooped your a– after all these chicken wings. Nobody said ‘Stop the camera. I’m going to go over there and whoop your a–.’ ” Evans responded by saying that Idris Elba threatened to fight the show’s creator during his 2019 appearance.

He said, “When we had Idris Elba on, he stopped the show and goes ‘Whose idea is it?’ The creator Chris Schonberger he actually traveled with us to London to shoot this episode. Idris at that time he goes ‘Chris, can you fight?’ Like he challenged Chris to a fight in the studio.”

Evans wrapped up his comment by suggesting that if Davis was serious about expressing her frustrations, Schonberger was in the studio that same day she filmed her episode.

As the clip circulated online, many mentioned how Davis acted like her “How to Get Away with Murder” character Annalise Keating immediately when she bit into the chicken wing.

“That wasn’t Viola that said that, that was Annalise Keating.”

“Chile she was ready to cut the scene and lay the hands of our ancestors on him. Annalise immediately came to the table after that bite. That was not Viola.”

“Annalise jumped out!!”

“Annalise Don’t Play Like That.”

“That’s Annalise Keating right there.”

Among the previous responses, others brought up Davis’ stare, despite choking on the spicy chicken wing. One wrote, “The first stare was a disbelief of like “I know you lying.” Another said, “She looked at him like she was going to knock the Mario coins out of him.”

A third Instagram user posted, “The way she looking at him before he said it.. she meant that s–t! She wanted do it herself.”

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