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‘We All Deserve to Like the Body We’re In’: Riley Burruss Claps Back at Those Who Criticized Her Weight and Fans React

Riley Burruss‘ weight loss became a topic of discussion on Oct. 11 after the 20-year-old clapped back at social media users who criticized her in the past.

In a TikTok video, which ultimately went viral, Burruss is seen responding to a caption she wrote by using a voiceover.

Riley Burruss claps back at people who criticized her weight in the past. Photo:@rileyburruss/Instagram

The caption covered how various people who would write hurtful remarks in her comments section that she needed to lose weight, and many now are complimenting her after she’s gone down a few sizes. The phrase read, “When my comments change from ‘she needs to lose weight’ to ‘snatched,'” 

Burruss replied to the caption by mouthing the words referencing model Bella Hadid, “So my name is, my name is Bella Hadid.” As the video circulated online, many fans expressed that Burruss was beautiful before and after the weight loss, despite the past flak she was receiving for her weight. At the same time, a couple of individuals also raved over how good Burruss looked since losing weight. 

Riley Burruss Photo:@rileyburruss/Instagram

“Definitely don’t like this caption. Others shouldn’t have an influence on your life. You were always beautiful!!”

“First of all you were gorgeous then and you are gorgeous now. Don’t let these people phase you. They mad.”

“You never needed to lose weight, either way you’re gorgeous and serve each time!!”

“You never needed to lose weight or change anything about yourself.”

“Nothing was wrong with your weight baby but you look amazing.”

Among the previous comments, others pointed out how happy they were for Burruss because since losing the weight, she appeared to be more accepting of herself and her body. One wrote, “I just hope you are healthy and happy.” Another said, “Regardless of how you did it you look great & I’m happy that you’re happy! We all deserve to like the body we’re in!”

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