‘You Got 100 People In There … and Nobody Is Saying Anything’: Father Outraged at Daycare After 3-Year-Old Daughter Returns Home with Femur Bone Broken In Half and No One ‘Knows’ What Happened

A Houston toddler came home from daycare with a broken thigh bone and her father said he wants answers. The owner of the childcare facility, which has been serving the community for over 40 years, has refused to speak publicly about the incident and has secured an attorney to represent the facility’s interests regarding the child’s injury.

Raymond Jones, the father of Janiya Guzman, the 3-year-old who broke her femur on Thursday, Oct. 6, says he wants to know what happened to his daughter while she was in the custody of workers at Walker’s Daycare Center, located at 8432 Livingston St. in the Sunnyside community of Houston, Texas, according to FOX 26.

However, according to the single father, he keeps running into a dead end as the administrators and teachers at the day-care facility are refusing to talk about the incident.

His young daughter is talking, saying one of the staff members named Ashley hit her.

Jones said when he arrived at the day care site to pick his daughter up, he saw she had a knot on her leg. Concerned about her well-being, he took the child to the hospital where doctors conducted an examination and took X-rays of her bruised leg. To the dismay of all in the room, X-ray results showed that Janiya’s femur bone, the longest, largest, heaviest and strongest bone in the human body, was snapped completely in half.

According to experts, “Because the femur is so strong, it usually takes a lot of force to break it,” with the number-one cause of femur fractures being motor vehicle collisions.

Despite that fact, Boston Children’s Hospital says it is not “uncommon” for young children to break the bone.

“Although great force is needed to break the thighbone, femur fractures in childhood are not uncommon,” the hospital informs.

Two of the main causes for the breaks can come from falling down a flight of stairs or off a jungle gym or if the child is in an accident or gets hit hard during contact sports.

Healing for a small child may require them to be in a unilateral hip spica cast, that would extend from the chest to the ankle of the injured leg.

But still, no one has copped to any violence perpetrated against the toddler.

Jones said, “They act like they don’t know anything, you got 100 people in there, and for that kind of damage to happen to this child you would’ve heard something, and nobody is saying anything.” 

“The bone is broken in half, not just cracked, broken,” the dad added. 

The dad is planning to take legal action against the center, saying he wants justice for his traumatized child.

“It’s been hard for me. I started crying. It’s a hard thing, I’ve been taking care of her since she was a baby,” Jones said. “That’s all I do is care for my daughter.

James Walker, the owner of Walker’s Daycare Center, was asked by the media how Guzman got hurt, and Walker allegedly responded with a fixed answer, claiming ignorance about the girl’s injury.

“I don’t know, and I have no comment,” he told FOX 26’s Gabby Hart.

Walker did say that everyone is concerned and impacted by not only the allegations.

The owner shared, “We are crying and everything else. We’ve been here for 40 years in this same neighborhood; everything is going to be taken care of. We have no comments, and we will have a lawyer that you can talk to,” Walker reiterated.

The Houston Police Department is actively investigating the incident and has reported the incident to the Crimes Against Children Physical Abuse unit, which will be leading the investigation.

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